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Adventure Family Spotlight – The Kiggins

I am spotlighting one adventurous family every month. I have sent the family a questionnaire that they have answered, sharing with us their adventure stories, their lessons learned and their tips and experiences on how they adventure as a family. I am hoping this will inspire, motivate and encourage all of us to get outside with our tykes.


Welcome the Adventure Family:


The Kiggins


Kiggins Family Hiking


1. How many tykes in your family and how old?

  1. We have two kids: our 18 month old daughter and 4 year old son.


2. Have you always been an outdoorsy family?

Mom and kids most definitely. Dad takes a little convincing but goes because it makes the rest of us so happy.


3. What’s your favorite outdoor activity to do as a family?

It is a toss up between hiking and the playground.


4. How old were your tykes when they went camping, climbing or hiking for the first time?

 My son was a year and my daughter was 2 months when they first went hiking. We took them both camping when they were a year old.

 Family camping


5. As new parents were you anxious, scared, apprehensive or excited to go on your first outdoor adventure with your tyke?

I was extremely excited but my husband was as nervous as I was excited. I spent a lot of time outdoors as a child and I have always wanted the outdoors to be a part of my family’s life.


6. Share a favorite story of hiking, climbing or camping as a family.

. Last year, when my son was 3, he decided he didn’t like hiking anymore and refused to go. My daughter was 6 months at the time and I couldn’t carry them both. I tried bribing, threatening, whatever to get him to go; but he wouldn’t. Can you relate to having a very determined child? One day I took the kids to the park and my son discovered the joy of playing in mud. From that moment on all I had to do to get him to go hiking was put on his boot and tell him we were going to look for mud and he would go. I learned a very simple but powerful lesson. You can always find something everyone will enjoy in every activity. Just because my son didn’t enjoy hiking for the same reasons I do doesn’t mean we couldn’t find a way to enjoy the activity together. By the way, I also used bubbles and picking wildflowers as motivation to get my son to go hiking. (picture – mud)


7. What advice do you have for NEW parents who want to camp, climb or hike with their tykes for the first time?

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. For my family, being outdoors is about making memories. Even my “indoorsy” husband likes camping because it just feels good to be together as a family without any of the normal distractions. But your activities don’t have to be elaborate to be awesome.


8. Did you receive any advice or wisdom from other parents about adventuring outdoors with tykes that have made things easier?

Do your research and invest in good gear as you can. The gear doesn’t have to be the most expensive but good gear makes most outdoor activities more enjoyable for everyone.


9. Do you have a piece of MUST have gear that you never leave home without besides the necessities (ie. Backpack, tent, sleeping bags, etc.)?

My child carrier. There have been many times we just take the carrier when we are traveling instead of a stroller. They can be much more convenient.


Osprey backpack carrier


10. Any parting words for parents that will encourage them to get outdoors with their tykes?

Just go. There will always be excuses. Don’t let them dictate your life.


Mae has spent her life and career connecting with the outdoors. Nowadays she spends her time connecting her family with the outdoors. She blogs about tips, tricks and family adventures over at Mommy Loves Trees.




If you and your family want to be spotlighted or you know a family that should be email me, melissa(at)adventuretykes(dot)com.

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