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Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh


I’m a shoe snob. Dress shoes, casual shoes, hiking shoes, biking shoes, you name it I love shoes. I especially love shoes that are comfortable, made of good quality and are cute.

When I had the opportunity to test the Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh I jumped on it. I’ve actually never worn any shoes or boots from Ahnu so I figured this was a great opportunity to try out a new brand and let my readers know what I think. I checked out the brand online and the type of shoe that was offered to me. I loved the variety of colors the shoe came in. Colorful shoes are always a fun accent for a wardrobe.  I also liked the fact that they are constructed of mesh on the upper but still have leather overlays to provide structure and support. Living in the desert your feet can get hot fast and they need good ventilation to breath and stay cool. Mesh shoes are perfect for those conditions. I also noticed that they had a vibram outsole, which is a good indicator of excellent traction and grip on the sandstone around Moab.



I’ve been wearing the Sugarpine Air Mesh for a few months now and I have definitely put them to the test.

Here’s the verdict based on my criteria as a shoe snob…


1. They are super comfortable. They are my go-to shoes for hiking, running errands and just kickin’ it around town. The mesh keeps my feet dry and airy during hot hikes, however, it does allow water through, which I learned while hiking in spring snow. That’s to be expected with mesh and they dried very quickly. The shoes are super lightweight so they don’t fatigue my legs at all.


Ahnu hiking shoes


2. I’ve put many many miles on these shoes and they still look brand new. The quality is definitely there. I don’t have shoe laces fraying, mesh that’s been snagged or outsoles that are coming apart. These shoes are holding their own for sure. The mesh and the insole is still supportive allowing me to take long hikes in comfort.


ahnu hiking shoes

3. The vibram outsole does its job. I can traverse steep slopes of slickrock with confidence knowing I won’t be slipping and sliding. Even when the outsole is wet the grip on wet rock and wet logs provides traction so I don’t topple over in a stream. Good traction is a must for the terrain I put them through.


Ahnu Sugarpine hiking shoes

4. Love, love, love the color. I chose Anemone and it’s a great color. Looks good with almost anything, hides the dirt really well and it’s a fun accent color. Why be boring when you can add color? Brighten things up!



Ahnu Sugarpine hiking shoes

5. This may sound silly but the fact that the shoelaces stay tied and I don’t have to double knot them makes me happy. I’ve worn many pairs of shoes where the shoe laces gradually get lose or come untied and it’s a pet peeve of mine to have to stop and retie them. I can’t just retie one shoe either. I have to retie both so that they are both the same tightness. Weird I know and unfortunately, I have passed that little quirk onto J-Man. Poor kid.

Sugarpine Air Mesh are definitely a shoe that I am going to keep in my closet. I just might have to get another pair in a different color. 🙂 I’ve also got my eye on a few other types of shoes from Ahnu that I’m anxious to try. These in particular – the Tilden IV, the Montara, and the Gracie.

They offer free shipping and free returns from their website so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of returning them if they don’t work out and you aren’t out any shipping fees. A return label is sent with your order. That’s great customer service!




Have you tried Ahnu shoes? What’s your favorite go-to shoe?







Thanks to Ahnu for providing me with the Sugarpine Air Mesh.  All opinions and comments are my own. Affiliate links are provided in this post to help continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us, especially, our tykes.

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