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Signs Along the Way


I take a lot of pictures when we travel. I mean A LOT of pictures, and even though I come back home with hundreds of pictures there are times when I look back and think… man, I should have taken a pic of that. Does that happen to you?

As I was going through our travel photos the other day I came across a file filled with pictures of fun/crazy/scary/weird signs.


Sleep with one eye and one ear open.


Do NOT touch!


It only takes one step.


Leave your cooler out and you will be greeted with this sign when you get back to camp.


Camp on!

rainier white river camp 6


How does one get a job to name rivers, washes and streets? I want that job!!



Enough said!


One of my favorite signs.

turtle crossing sign


Good time to turn around.

2007 068




I wonder how many people miss this stop sign?


Good reason to stay on the trail.


I’m outta here!


Don’t even breath.


What’s the forecast, again?


Good to know.




What are some of the craziest signs you have come across during your travels?





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