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Tips To Keep Sunglasses And Sun Hats On Your Tyke


It’s warming up quite quickly here in Moab and we can definitely feel the suns rays beating down on us. It’s very important that we stay protected so we don’t get scorched. This is why J-Man has been wearing sunglasses and a sun hat since he was 3 months old. The harmful rays of the sun can be dangerous to your tykes scalp, skin and eyes.  Using the right protection will help keep them safe and protected.

Unfortunately, most tykes resist any headwear or eye protection so parents struggle, bribe, plead and then eventually give up. Hopefully, the tips below will help you out.


Tips to keep sunglasses and sun hats on your tyke


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1. Start them young.  I think because we started our son so young with wearing them that it is just second nature when he is outside.

2. Make sure the sunglasses fit properly.  Some of the sunglasses were too big for our sons head or didn’t cover his eyes well.  Also, the ones with an elastic strap that goes around the head helps keep them on.  If the strap is a little big, strap it around the outside of the hat. That helps it stay on better.

3.  Make sure the sun hat is not too tight. Finding one with an elastic back allows for some give making it more comfortable and allowing for some growth. (Since our tykes are growing ever so quickly.)

4.  The sun hats with a flap in the back provides great coverage protecting  the nape  of the neck and ears or find a hat that has a big wide brim.  The more coverage the better.

5.  Using distractions while putting on the sunglasses or sun hat can help.  You may also want to try repeatedly distracting them if they keep trying to take them off, as well as a firm NO.

6.  Be consistent.  Every time you go outside put the hat and sunglasses on, even if it is just a short trip to the mailbox or the store.  They will learn that outside coincides with sunglasses and a sun hat.

7.  Monkey see monkey do…show them that you wear sunglasses and a sun hat, too.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep your tyke protected from the suns harmful rays.


How do you get your tyke to wear sunglasses and/or a sunhat? What trick do you have? Share with us!





  1. These are some great tips! I especially like the first and last one. Fit is ALWAYS essential as well! Thanks for posting.

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