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KEEN Loveland Boots – Perfect for the Polar Vortex


Stuck in the Polar Vortex? Here is some help. The Polar Vortex is no match for the KEEN Loveland boots. These boots will help get your tyke outside for some winter fun. I remember in my younger years piling on clothes and socks just to stay warm while playing outside in the snow. I would have so many layers on that I could barely move or barely get my boots on. The technology today for outdoor gear is so much more advanced than when I was younger, say 10 years ago. Ok. Maybe more than 10 years ago but you get the idea. haha The Loveland boots have awesome technology and are able to rescue you and your tyke from cabin fever.


KEEN logo

KEE Loveland BootsJ-Man has been crashing and burning on his sled in the Loveland boots and his feet have stayed toasty and dry. There is no need to layer numerous pairs of socks with these boots. J-Man wears one pair of wool socks and has no problem with cold toes. The 200g KEEN.Warm™ insulation keeps his feet nice and warm. The waterproof breathable membrane and moisture wicking lining keeps his feet dry and prevents them from stinking. Thank goodness because J-Man can have some stinky feet.

Toddler sledding and crashing

Toddler sledding

It’s imperative that J-Man is able to put on and take off his own boots and KEEN’s winter boots live up to these standards once again. The lace bungee system allows J-Man to adjust the boots to his comfort level and release the laces when he wants to take his boots off. The secure bungee lacing system keeps the boots snug on his feet and around his legs keeping snow from sneaking inside the boots.

Toddler making snow angels

J-Man has definitely tested the rubber soles for traction with his jumping, running and attempts to slide on ice. The Loveland boots are pretty stable on slippery surfaces.

KEEN once more has lived up to the expectations of J-Man and myself for great winter boots. Get out and play in the snow!



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