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Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

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I always find stockings the hardest to fill. You’re limited on the size and the number of items you can fit in it. I seem to find items that are too big or I have to take them out of the package to fit. Here’s a list of cool stocking stuffers that will fit almost anyone’s stocking.


Stocking Stuffers for Everyone




Action Wipes


Any camper, hiker, backpacker, triathlete or active person on your list would really appreciate some Action Wipes. Forget about baby wipes. Action Wipes keep you clean and fresh without a smelly or sticky residue. These are a must have when we head out on our adventures. They come in a multipack or as single wipes.








Magnifying Glass – Perfect for your adventurer who likes to examine bugs, plants, flowers and anything else they want to see up close.

Wool Socks – Everyone on your shopping list could use a pair of wool socks.


Sharkies Energy Chews



Everyone likes a good snack that provides energy during their activities. Sharkies has organic sports chews for tykes and adults. J-Man has to always have Sharkies on his hikes. They are good motivation or a bribe, whatever you like to call it.








Whistle – Everyone should carry a whistle while adventuring in the outdoors. For tykes proper instructions on how and when to use it should be given – the whistle should only be used in case of an emergency, danger or if they get lost. It’s a great tool to add to a survival kit.

Owl Puke – Yep! That’s right. A pellet of Owl Puke. I know there are some tykes out there that would be fascinated by inspecting and discovering what the Owl coughed up.


Ambler Hats


Ambler hat


I’m in love with Ambler’s hats. They have hats for tykes and adults. The hats are lined with a fleece headband to keep you comfortable and warm and they come in great styles.








Twig Pod – If anyone on your list has a camera then the Twig Pod would be a perfect stocking stuffer. Here’s my review on it.

Hiking Journal

– We used one during our 4 month road trip and I just came across it the other day. It was fun to read the hikes we had done, along with descriptions and to see what we were doing on that date. Fun way to collect memories of your adventures or if your tyke is old enough they can keep a journal of their own.


Mamma Chia Squeeze

Mama Chia Squeeze


mmmmm… chia. I’m a huge fan of chia seeds and when I discovered these little squeeze packs at the OR Show I fell in love. They are delicious and a perfect on the go snack for any activity. They are healthy, organic and great for anyone.









Crunchies Food – Freeze dried fruits and veggies are perfect for the backpacker and hiker on your shopping list. These snacks are delicious. Our favorites are the Mixed Fruit, Strawberry Banana and BBQ Roasted Veggies.


Here are some items I have never tried but look cool. Some just might be on my wishlist…



Eno Hammocks Twilights


Eno Twilights


These look like a fun way to light up your hammock, tent or campsite.




Jeff Corwin’s Explorer Series – The World of SHARKS, PRIMATES, WILD CATS, WILD DOGS, SNAKES and BEARS in a 6-part series of Pocket Naturalist Guides, and a series of Nature Activity Books focused on the same species to complement the learning experience. For the holidays they can be purchased through Waterford Press and then the first of the year at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Call 800-434-2555 or write orders@waterfordpress.com.

Grilliput – Have a campfire pit? Add the Grilliput and you now have a grill. Looks super compact and easy to use.




Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System


How perfect is this?! No explanation needed. 🙂






LifeStraw– This seems like a great item for a survival kit and any adventurer. It’s something you wouldn’t use unless you ran out of water and didn’t have a filter with you. A backup, just in case. The LifeStraw only weighs 2 oz. and wouldn’t take up much room.



What items do you ALWAYS put in or find in your stockings? When I was younger we always got an apple or orange and a handful of change.





Affiliate links are provided in this list to continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us, especially, our tykes.




  1. Melissa:
    I have read some pretty good gift lists for the holidays but I really like the items on your list. I’m excited to order a Ambler hat, some Crunchies snacks and the Jeff Corwin series for my daughter. Thanks for the great ideas. And not to leave out the hubby, the Twig Pod may be perfect too.

  2. I LOVE action wipes. They are great for after yoga or spin class.


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