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Perfect Time Of Year To Travel


Fall is the perfect time of year to travel. The leaves are falling, the air is cold and crisp and nature is at its most spectacular. Most importantly, the massive swarms of summer tourists have subsided, leaving adventurous families to explore America’s incredible wilderness in peace.

Acadia National Park in Maine is perhaps the best place to take in the breath-taking palette of fall colors. Families can hike, bike or drive through canopies of blazing reds, oranges and yellows created by forests of Maple, Birch and Poplar trees. One of Toddler hiking in the Fall.the best trips in Acadia is to drive 3.5 miles to the top of Cadillac Mountain. At 1,530 feet this is the highest point along the North Atlantic coast and it is the first place in the country to see the sun every morning from early October to early March.

For a memorable wildlife adventure, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is the ultimate destination. Autumn is mating season for Elk and Moose whose male populations spar and roar in spectacular fashion in an effort to attract females and keep other males at bay. This is also a busy time for bears who are scrambling to eat as many berries as they can before settling in for a long winter’s nap.

The Redwoods at Redwood National Park in California may not turn color with the season but that doesn’t make them any less stunning. Reaching heights of over 300 feet, Redwoods are the tallest trees on earth. Visitors to this National Park can explore ancient forests and because the park is largely deserted this time of year, expect greater chances of spotting a black bear, mountain lion, elk or bobcat. The Crescent Beach Overlook along the coast is also the perfect place to spot Grey Whales migrating in fall from Alaska to Baja.

Adventure awaits this Fall in some of America’s most beautiful landscapes. A National Park vacation is the perfect family holiday and sure to be one that parents and children remember forever.

Traveling during the Fall months is made easier by the amount of online travel agents available, a great resource for parents looking to book family holidays. By comparing the most interesting destinations and prices for each destination, it becomes easy to organize a family vacation to one of America’s National Parks.




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  1. The off season is the best time to travel! I don’t like fighting a stream of people on packed trails or waiting an hour for a 2-second, people-less window to snap a photo of a landmark. Most times things like hotels, gas, etc are cheaper in the off-season too. An added bonus for me is that I get to take photos of the are in a different season than most people – making my photos more unique.

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