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Jamison and Medomak CNX by KEEN


We live in a very unique part of the world with crazy redrock spires, slickrock hills and canyons that are carved thousands of feet deep. When J-Man is out playing, exploring, jumping off spires, peering into the canyons and being his goofy 4 year old self it’s important that he has supportive shoes with good traction.

That’s where KEEN comes in. J-Man has been wearing KEEN’s for the past 3 years. His first pair was the Newport H2 Sandals. The perfect sandals for Summer and water play.

Now that he’s in preschool I look for shoes that are universal. Shoes he can wear to school, around the playground and during our explorations around canyon country.

For the past couple months J-Man has been trying out the Medomak CNX and the Jamison.

As I’ve said before, there are particular key features that a shoe must have for it to be great. In my opinion anyways. They need to be easy for J-Man to put on himself, they need to have good traction and they need to be supportive around the foot.

With the lace bungee system on the Medomak and Jamison J-Man can put his shoes on himself, no problem. That helps free up my time when getting ready to head out the door and we all know how valuable time is. Plus, trying to stuff a tykes foot into a shoe is not an easy job. Because both the Medomak CNX and the Jamison have non-marking soles you don’t have to worry about them marking up gym floors or your freshly cleaned tile floors at home.

“The Medomak CNX is a low profile, multi-terrain outdoor shoe for little adventurers. The lightweight midsole allows little feet to move naturally. Multi-directional flex grooves on the sole enable more natural motion, and an integrated, contoured arch and metatarsal ridge provide underfoot support for all day fun and adventure.”

Yep, that pretty much sums up the Medomak CNX. The combination of breathable mesh and leather allow J-Man’s feet to breath and not get too sweaty. Thank goodness! The boy can have some stinky feet at times if they aren’t properly ventilated. Pew! Even with the mesh upper the shoes are water resistant. Bonus! Especially, when that unexpected puddle lures your tyke right to it. And although the sole isn’t as grippy on slickrock as some of the other KEEN shoes, it still allows J-Man to climb without slipping and maneuver around the playground as if he’s practicing for Cirque de Soleil. They are great shoes for a bike ride and camping, too.

KEEN Medomak CNX

The Medomak CNX are great for…


Toddler Camping


Toddler fishing


Toddler biking

Outside play

And… Jumping!

Toddler jumping puddle

The Jamison are J-Man’s shoes that…”make me fast”. For some reason when he puts them on he turns into a track and field star running from place to place. I’ll take it though since he has a TON of energy that needs to be used up before bedtime. The Jamison are also his go to light hikers. They are abrasion resistant, so even after all the bouldering, hiking and playground time he’s had in them they still look brand new. Like the Medomak CNX the Jamisonare a breathable mesh, so once again, no stinky feet. The soles provide the needed traction wherever J-Man ventures to or no matter how fast he runs. I like the reflective material around  the shoes. Because we tend to stay out past dark it’s easy to spot his little feet scampering about.

KEEN Jamsion

Backview of KEEN Jamison shoes


Toddler scrambling down redrocks.

So fast he’s a blur!

Toddler running

Reflecting. And, his eyes, too!

Toddler at night




KEEN kindly sent J-Man the Medomak CNX and the Jamison in exchange for this review.



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