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Dorcy Twin Globe Lantern Floats!


How do you light up your campsite? Do you use headlamps, a lantern, the light from a fire, or do you depend on the light of the moon? We have been in the market for a lantern that emits enough light that I can cook dinner after the sun goes down and help us from stumbling over rocks while hanging out at camp. The size, weight and power source were all considerations in our search for a lantern.

Dorcy sent me a Twin Globe Lantern a few months ago to test out and after using it a for awhile here are my thoughts…

dorcylogo Dorcy Twin Globe Lantern

I love the size of the lantern. Most are big and bulky and this one is smaller in size with a slimmer profile. It’s also fairly light at 1.8 pounds.

Dorcy Twin Globe Lantern

The lantern has three lighting options – low, high and a red light. We always use the lantern on high. With the 160 lumens of light output it gives us plenty of light around the table to cook dinner, plenty of light inside our tent while prepping for bed and enough light for reading in the hammock. The red light gives off subtle ambient light, which would be a good night light, but we never used it.

Using Dorcy lantern

The handle on the top of the lantern can be adjusted to multiple positions and has an integrated hook, which makes hanging it from a tree or a pole very easy.

The base of the Twin Globe Lantern is flat and wide making it very stable. It’s waterproof and it floats, even with 4 D batteries. It’s perfect for river trips, the beach or if you’re forgetful like me and leave it out in the rain.

You can get 350 – 700 hours of light from the batteries based on which setting you use. That seems like a lot of hours to me.

Dorcy Twin Globe Lantern

I don’t have any cons to write about with the Twin Globe Lantern.  It’s a simple yet powerful lantern that is durable and provides great lighting while camping. The $50 price tag is reasonable, too.


Competition 😉

Lantern competeing with the campfire.




  1. This is a neat lamp to take with us on a camp. How awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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