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Discoveries for Hiking


Just as I’ve given you discoveries for camping and summertime here are my discoveries for hiking.


Vasque – Since Christmas J-Man has been asking for shoes that tie. He can’t tie shoes by himself but he is really anxious to learn. He’s been practicing in school so when the Breeze 2.0 Ultra Dry boots arrived he was totally stoked. He immediately had to put them and wear them around the house. What added to the excitement was that they were just like daddy’s. He’s at that age where he mimics Bedge and wants to be just like him. I adore it.

Vasque Kids Breeze 2.0

J-Man has put the Breeze 2.0 boots through some serious hikes and they barely look worn. When we are ready to head out the door or packing for a trip he makes sure his boots are packed. You know that’s when I tyke loves a product…when they choose it themselves. J-Man has hiked his longest hike in these boots, 6.5 miles, and didn’t complain once about them.

Toddler hiking

The Breeze 2.0 are waterproof, which is great. It’s nearly impossible to keep J-Man from jumping in puddles on and off the trail. During our creek crossings while backpacking his balance or lack there of took him off the stepping stones placed in the creek to walk across and thank goodness his feet stayed dry. He would have been miserable with wet soggy boots.

Vasque Breeze 2.0 kids bootAdventure Tyke crossing creek








He’s also able to do his usual scrambling, jumping and running in the boots without any problems. They come up high around his ankles providing good support. I’ve been a huge fan of Vasque for years and every pair I have ever worn has helped up well, so I suspect he will get great use out of these.

Vasque Breeze 2.0 boots

He has yet to conquer tying the laces but that isn’t the boots fault. He just needs more practice.


Bitybean – Have you ever set out on a hike with your tyke and before you get to your destination they become tired, they don’t want to hike anymore and they just want to return to the car? It happens and then you’re left in a conundrum. Do you press on trying to bribe them along the way, press on making them suffer or do you turn around and call it quits? Well, no need to ponder those questions when you have the Bitybean. This compact child carrier allows you to carry your infant or toddler wherever you need to go. It’s super light weight and comes in it’s own stuff sack. Read my review on the Bitybean.

Bitybean child carrier



Sharkies – Need some fuel for the trail or maybe a little somethin’ somethin’ to motivate your tykes to hike a little bit further? Check out Sharkies Energy Chews.


Sharkies Energy Chews

These tasty snacks are perfect for hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing or any other outdoor activity. They are made with organic ingredients and there are chews for both adults and tykes.


Toddler eating Sharkies Energy Chews

They lack harmful and allergy prone substances:

  • No Gluten
  • No Gelatin
  • No Wheat
  • No Nuts
  • Free of Fat & Trans Fats
  • 100% Vitamin C
  • No artificial dyes or flavors
  • Vegetarian

They aren’t meant to be a substitute for meals. Instead they are a snack or energy boost or as we like to use them, as a treat on the trail. They are a sugary treat so they will give your tyke a boost of energy in a more healthy way.


Sharkies Energy Chews

Bedge kept eating J-Man’s chews because they have a yummy sugary coating on top. Needless to say J-Man loves them and thinks he gets them on every hike now.


Sharkies Energy Chews

The adult energy chews are just as tasty as the kids and come in four flavors. The kids energy chews come in two flavors.

They don’t melt in hot weather, stick together in clumps or make any kind of mess. They are the perfect trail snack/treat.

Sharkies also makes fruit chews in two yummy flavors…Fruit Splash and Berry Bites.


Outdoor Research  I’m all about layering when it comes to hiking in the mountains or in cool to cold weather. You can always take clothes off if you get hot but if you don’t bring enough layers then when you get cold you’re out of luck. So an item that I always have with me is a softshell jacket and for our Wyoming trip I was fortunate to test out the Ferrosi Hoody. I have to admit that after first inspection and because it is so light weight I didn’t see how it was going to function the way that I wanted it to…warmth, protection and comfort. I was wrong.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody

It was perfect for the hiking and backpacking that we did. Its tough abrasion-resistant material keeps you shielded from the elements. I was hiking amongst willows, dense brush and rocky terrain and it kept me well protected. Not a single snag or hole in the jacket or scrape or gash on my arms. If you know anything about dense willows they can rip your clothes to shreds. The jacket also has an ample amount of stretch that doesn’t impede movement. While wearing it with my very heavy backpacking backpack I was still able to move and bend freely. At one point I had numerous layers on and it was still comfortable without being restricting.

Backpacking in the Ferrosi Hoody

This is an everyday softshell jacket that is super light weight and has the power to keep you warm from the cold wind and light rain but still being highly breathable. The hood is a great addition to super windy days and there are plenty of zipper pockets to store your essentials but still have easy access to them.

The Ferrosi Hoody is also perfect for chilling in the hammock on a cool summer evening.

Relaxing in the hammock

This is the perfect light weight jacket for hiking, backpacking and climbing and I foresee it being great for my Fall adventures when the weather gets cooler here in Moab. It comes in a great selection of colors for men and women.

Another Outdoor Research product that is great for hiking is the Voyager Sun Hat for tykes. The super large brim on this hat provides great sun protection but also protection from rain. It’s waterproof and breathable with a chin strap to help keep it in place. The chin cord will break away if it gets pulled on.


The inside of the hat is meshed lined allowing for moisture to wick away keeping your tyke cool. The foam stiffened brim helps keep it stable and keeps the wind from blowing it around. It also allows your tyke to be active without it flopping around or getting in the way.

Voyager Sun Hat Ourdoor Research


A convenient feature with this hat it that there are magnets on both sides so your tyke can fold it up when it’s not so sunny.

Outdoor Reserach Voyager Sun Hat

I did noticed that if you wad it up and stuff it in a backpack the foam stiffened brim can get a little out of shape and it takes a bit of maneuvering to get it back into shape. The best thing to do is to fold it when packing it away. If your tyke needs a sunhat to protect their ears and neck from the sun the Voyager Sun Hat will do the trick.


Osprey –  I LOVE this backpack. It’s pretty much everything I have been looking for in a backpack for day hiking. The backpack I am talking about is the Osprey Talon 22. This backpack is lightweight, but with the features that keep all of your gear organized and easy to carry. I pretty much use this backpack all. the. time. It is a multi-use backpack so it can be used for hiking, biking, adventure racing, travel, festivals or anywhere you need to lug gear.

Osprey Talon 22 backpack


Here is my review on the Osprey Talon 22 and why you just might need this backpack, too.


Stay tuned for my Fall/Winter discoveries…


Have you discovered any new hiking gear that you just love?




Thank you to all of these wonderful brands for providing me with these products for review. All opinions and comments are my own. Some affiliate links are provided in the reviews to help us continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us and most importantly our tykes.


  1. We love that hat! Noah has it and wears it all the time. Best hat ever!!

  2. Love Vasque boots! Those were my son first hiking boots, he just grew out of them 🙁 So we purchased him some Hi-Tec Boots because they were on super sale. Hoping they live up to his first Vasque boots.

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