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The Osprey Talon 22 Backpack is It!


I just want to start with how much I LOVE this backpack. It’s pretty much everything I have been looking for in a backpack for day hiking. The backpack I am talking about is the Osprey Talon 22 from the Talon Series. This backpack is lightweight, but with the features that keep all of your gear organized and easy to carry. I pretty much use this backpack all. the. time. It is a multi-use backpack so it can be used for hiking, biking, adventure racing, travel, festivals or anywhere you need to lug gear.

Osprey Talon 22

Here are the features that I require in a backpack that the Talon 22 delivers on…

There is the much needed hydration sleeve situated in the back of the pack. I always use a hydration reservoir so this was a must feature. It also has water bottle holders on each side which come in handy when I need to bring extra water or a different type of beverage.

There is a stuff pocket in front that is just as important as the hydration sleeve. I always stuff a jacket or long sleeve shirt in the stuff pocket with other items that I want easy access to. The Talon 22 is made with a stretchy fabric so you can shove A LOT of items in the stuff pocket making it a very handy feature.

Osprey Talon 22 backpack

There are 2 zipper compartments, the main compartment and a smaller compartment on top. The main compartment unzips wide enough to get items in and out without any problems. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a backpack where the main compartment only unzips half way making it very difficult to find anything or get large items in. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Thank goodness the Talon 22 unzips wide enough that there are no problems. The smaller compartment is a great size for keys, wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, toilet paper, plastic bags, hand wipes and anything else you want to keep separate from the main compartment, and yes, all of that fits in the smaller compartment.

There are compression straps in just the right places on the pack and the mesh back panel allows air flow during your activity so your back doesn’t get super sweaty and hot.

Osprey Talon 22

Osprey got it right when they designed the hip belt. When you are tightening it you are pulling forward in front of you instead of towards your sides. You have more strength to pull this direction allowing you to tighten the hip belt to the desired tightness. I’ve always had a hard time getting my hip belts tight enough when I have to pull towards my sides. Osprey has a much more efficient and easier way and they use this system on all of their packs. They actually call it the ErgoPull…

“Osprey ErgoPull- Nearly all of our hipbelts use our exclusive ErgoPull design. It creates mechanical advantage to provide extra leverage in cinching down the hipbelt. The ErgoPull design also draws tension along the top and bottom of the belt, not through the center, so it distributes pressure more evenly over the padding and relieves direct pressure on the hipbones.”

The hip belt on the Talon 22 is not beefy by any means but the pack is only meant to carry 15- 25lbs comfortably, so you don’t need a heavy duty belt. There is enough support and comfort in this hip belt.

I also like that the hip belt has zippered pockets, one on each side. I stash a camera in one and chapstick and a snack in the other. These are easy accessible pockets when you are on the go. There are also pockets on the shoulder straps for extra storage and easy access to gels and other snacks.

Pockets on Osprey Talon 22 strapsHip Belt Pockets on the Osprey Talon 22




Being a shorty at 5′ 1 with a short torso and considering that the pack is not a women specific pack, which I tend to only buy, the size small/medium fits me perfectly.  I struggle with backpacks fitting me just right, but the Talon 22 not only comes in small/medium and medium/large, but it also has an adjustable harness so I can dial in the perfect fit.

Osprey Talon 22

A couple features that I haven’t used on the pack but may come in handy for others are the helmet clip or lid lock for bike helmets, the Blinker Patch to attach a blinker/light to the pack when riding and a toe loop. You can purchase an optional rain cover for it, which is always a good idea.

Even though the Talon 22 has a 22 liter capacity (1,300 cubic inches) I did find it was a bit small when we were doing long day hikes in the mountains. When hiking in the desert it’s absolutely perfect. I don’t carry the extra layers of clothing… beanies, gloves and other items if the weather was to turn bad. So in the mountains with food and extra clothing the pack was stuffed to the brim. It carried all the gear just fine but I prefer a little bit extra space so things aren’t so tight. Other than that it’s the perfect pack.

There are quite a few different sized packs in the Talon Series ranging from 4 liters (200 cubic inches) to 44 liters (2,700 cubic inches). There’s a size that’s perfect for just about everyone.


Do you have THE perfect pack that you use all the time? If you’re still searching give the Talon 22 a try. You won’t be disappointed.





Thank you to Osprey for providing me with this product for review. All opinions and comments are my own. Some affiliate links are provided in the review to help continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us and most importantly our tykes.


  1. Darren Pugh says

    I just purchased this pack and will be using it tomorrow on th at for a day hike. At rei i put 10lbs of weight and i barely noticed it was on my back. Ps excellent review


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