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Discoveries for Summertime


Last month I shared with you Spring discoveries for camping and now here is my list of discoveries for SUMMERTIME!

These items are great for picnics and/or traveling.

El Naturalista – I love this companies shoes! Every pair I own are super comfortable and cute, which is always important, right?  I’ve been wearing the N140 Truffa / Sassi in the Piedra color since March and I get so many compliments on them. At first I wasn’t a fan of the color since I usually go for bold colors, which they have a lot of, but the color is so versatile and goes with pretty much anything. They are my go to sandals for almost every outfit. I wear them with skirts, shorts, capris AND pants.


El Naturalista Sandals N140 El Naturalist N140 Sandals











El Naturalist sandal bottom


The upper is made of soft leather with an adjustable velcro ankle strap and the footbed is lightly padded with a rubber outsole. The N140 Truffa / Sassi shoes are made in Spain so the sizing numbers will look a bit different and they do not make half sizes. If you are in between sizes they recommend you give them a call. They do have a conversion chart to help. Beware! You’ll want more than one pair.


Overland Equipment – Remember when I mentioned that I use to be a fashion bag user and Overland Equipment converted me to a practical yet, stylish and functional bag user? That still rings true today. I’ve been using the adorable Maisie bag for a couple months and it’s great.


Overland Equipment Maisie Bag


I love that it has a fleeced lined pocket for my Kindle but it’s big enough to hold a 10′ laptop. There are tons of pockets for J-Man’s Hot Wheels, crayons and animals with a few pockets left for my chapstick, pens, keys and other important items. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or across your body. The lining of each bag is a super cute print. Another thing I love is that the ballistic nylon is very easy to clean. A damp cloth makes it look brand new.

Overland Equipment Maisie Bag

The Maisie bag is my go-to travel bag since it holds almost everything. Although, I do wish it had a bottle holder like the Donner bag. I carry a water bottle with me all the time and the bottle holder on the side would be REALLY convenient. *hint hint OE*


Overland Equipment Donner Bag



Alite Designs – Need a chair that is light weight, compact, comfortable and the whole family can use? Here you go!

The 1.4lbs Mayfly Chair

Alite Designs Mayfly Chair


This chair is perfect for camping, picnics and traveling. It’s compact enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space like a lot of chairs do. The 3 legs keep it stable and even though it is so light it will hold 250lbs!


Alite Designs Mayfly ChairAlite Designs Mayfly Chair












You need to assemble and disassemble each time you use it, but it’s so easy it won’t be a deterrent from using it. That’s what makes it compact and light weight. The legs and sling are color coded making things simple.


Alite Designs Mayfly ChairAlite Designs Mayfly Chair











I love that the Mayfly Chair sits low to the ground. J-Man has taken it over as his chair since it’s easy for him to get in and out of. On the off chance that I get to use it I find it comfy.


Alite Designs Mayfly Chair


An awesome option I just discovered is that you can replace the sling (fabric section of the seat). If you get tired of the color or you just want to freshen up your chair, you can replace it and each sling comes with a matching stuff sack. That’s pretty cool. The legs will still fit the new slings.

Also, Alite Designs offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. IF something should happen to it.


Eco Vessel -I did a review of the Smashbox last year but Eco Vessel has made some updates to it along with some additions, and I wanted to share them with you all because I love the Smashbox. It comes in handy for picnics, camping and traveling. This year Eco Vessel has added two additional sizes to their collection, which now consists of a double compartment, single compartment and a snacker. All three sizes come in handy for meals and snacks. I always use the single compartment for an on-the-go salad. The double compartment is great for a picnic lunch or dinner and the snacker is perfect for having a fruit snack.


Smashbox by Eco VesselEco Vessel Smashboxes




The lids on the Smashboxes now have tabs that snap down and keep them leakproof. They are still food grade BPA free silicone and can go from the freezer to the microwave. AND they are dishwasher safe. They still come with a spork and collapse for easy storage. They come in some great colors, too.  They are pretty convenient containers for outdoor adventures and travels.


Eco Vessel Snacker


 Handy Hammock – I just recently started using this hammock.  I don’t have a full review, yet, but wanted to introduce you to it, just in case you want a hammock but don’t have any trees to attach one to. The Handy Hammock is light weight and can be set up pretty much anywhere. If you don’t have trees or poles to hang it from that’s not a problem….it is self supporting.

It’s comes with it’s own weatherproof stuff sack to help keep everything organized and away from any elements. An awesome option for the hammock is you can purchase beach-pegs so you can have a hammock at the beach. That would make some folks jealous, right?


Handy Hammock



Toddler in Handy Hammock


Hanging in the Handy Hammock



What new gear have you discovered that you will be using this Summer? Have you used any of these items?






Thank you to all of these wonderful brands for providing me with these products for review. All opinions and comments are my own.


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