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More Than Biking in the Ultra Bike Backpack


This post was shared over on the Deuter blog a few months ago but I wanted to share it here in case you missed it…


As an adventurous family it is important that we have appropriate and comfortable gear. No one wants to hike down a trail miles into the woods with a backpack that is rubbing your skin raw or weighing on your back in all the wrong places. That just makes for a miserable trip. I’m pretty sure we have all been there at some point in our hiking careers and we try our hardest to avoid such situations. That’s why when we find a piece of outdoor gear that makes life enjoyable on the trail we stick with it.

Deuter is one such brand that offers gear that is comfortable, versatile and functional. The Deuter backpacks fit comfortably, there are multiple sizes to select from based on your needs, the Deuter backpacks come in women’s specific sizes and, a huge factor for us is, they make toddler and kids backpacks. It’s truly a family brand.

Since Deuter backpacks were comfortable for Bret and myself we wanted J-Man to try out the kids backpack and see if it suited him well. J-Man initially started out with the Junior backpack and it was quite functional but it was a little too big for his 2 year old frame, so we switched him to the Ultra Bike backpack and it fits perfectly. There are 2 water bottle holders on each side and 2 pockets to organize and store gear. It has the perfect amount of space for all of his adventure needs. Although this backpack is named Ultra Bike it is perfect for many other types of adventures.

This Ultra Bike backpack goes everywhere…

mountain hikes

Toddler hiking between boulders


desert hikes

Toddler hiking



Toddler Snowshoeing



Toddler biking


It also holds J-Man’s companion, Dude the Duck, nice and securely.

Toddler hiking

Toddler hiking



The Ultra Bike backpack has been put through the toddler ringer and it’s still going strong.






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