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HotLips and Silverware

Who’s going backpacking this summer? Do you have all the lightweight gear you need? How about an extremely lightweight mug and utensil set?

If not, definitely check out Snow Peaks HotLips 600 Titanium Mug and their Snow Peak Titanium Full Silverware Set.


Snow Peak Silverware setSnow Peak mug


The HotLips Mug weighs only 3.2 oz. That is super duper light. It’s the perfect mug for backpacking but can also be used for camping. The silicone cover on the rim protects your precious lips from being burned. Genius idea, I say.


Snow Peak HotLips mug


The HotLips Mug can be placed right on top of your cook stove to warm up your morning joe or tea. Go super lightweight and use it as your bowl, too.

The handles on the mug collapses easily so that it conveniently packs and stores without a problem. You can store a Snow Peak stove and gas canister inside the mug, as well. That is what you call compact, perfect for backpacking, easy organization and convenient.


Snow Peak titanium mug


The Snow Peak Titanium Full Silverware Set is just as cool. It weighs practically nothing at 1.8 oz and that includes a fork, spoon, knife and a slim case to place it all in. These aren’t kid size utensils if you think that’s where the weight is being shaved from. They are pretty much the size of regular utensils, just super lightweight.


Snow Peak Spoon


If you don’t need a knife in the backcountry you can get a set with just a spoon and fork. I love using my set for car camping right now. It helps me stay organized and and I can’t wait to get Bedge and J-Man their own. The slim case comes in different colors so you can color coordinate for each person, which I love.

If you’re looking for other lightweight gear for camping or backpacking check out the other items Snow Peak offers.



 Are you concerned with weight when you go backpacking? How do you shave weight from your gear?






I was offered these items from Snow Peak at no charge. All opinions and comments are my own.





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