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I Wore It Three Days Straight – I/O Merino


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Have you ever discovered an item of clothing that you end up wearing all the time? It replaces other items in your closet that use to be your go to pieces? It’s so comfortable that you never take it off?



And Yes!

That’s what I have to say about the I/O Merino long sleeve crew 160 top.


I/O Merino long sleeve crew

I put this top on before we left for our Arizona trip and I wore it for 3 days straight. I slept in it, wore it all day long and slept in it again. I repeated that for 3 days and because it’s merino wool there was no stinky-ness. That’s what I love about merino wool. You can wear pieces over and over again before washing them because they are naturally antimicrobial.

So why did I wear the I/O Merino long sleeve crew 160 top for 3 days straight? What’s so special about it?


I/O Merino Longs Sleeve Crew.


1. It’s amazingly soft. Most people think wool is itchy. Merino wool is soft and when it is paired with a very small amount of lycra it becomes incredibly soft.

2. It’s so comfortable. It is the perfect weight to wear alone or layer over or under another top. I layered at night and during the day I wore it alone.

3. Love the thumb holes! I’m a sucker for sleeves that have thumb holes. It’s a nice feature that keeps the sleeves down, warmth in and provides some protection for your hands from the cold.

4. The lycra provides a little bit of stretch and helps the top keep its shape.

5. It’s super versatile. I can wear it around town because it’s cute, the stretch allows me to climb and boulder in it and it’s super comfortable to camp and hike in.


Hiking in Moab


This is one of those pieces of clothing that is a main staple in my wardrobe. The price is a bit steep but merino wool clothing in general is on the pricey side. This is a top that you would get your moneys worth for sure and you can machine wash it. Forget about the dry cleaner. Never dry merino wool, but the washing machine is ok.

I was kinda bummed that the warm weather is arriving and I thought I would have to retire this top for the summer. I don’t think that’s the case. It will be great to wear on cool summer evenings in the mountains and during foul weather days when the temperature is a bit chilly.


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Do you have a piece of clothing you wear all the time?



I/O Merino kindly provided me with this top for this review. All opinions and comments are my own.



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