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Geigerrig Mom Pack – Outdoor Pack Collides with Diaper Bag


Geigerrig logo

Geigerrig who has developed a full line of ‘Never Suck Again’ hydration packs has brought their technology into the world of parenthood with their brand new Mom Pack.

The Mom Pack is a backpack where outdoor adventure pack collides with diaper bag duties. This backpack will take you around town, on the trail, to a day at the beach or anywhere else you want to take your tykes and carry all their daily necessities.


Geigerrig Mom pack


Geigerrig gave me the opportunity to try out the Mom Pack before it hit the retail market and I was stoked to use it, that was, until my sister-in-law stole it from me. I let her borrow it for a couple days to let her see how great it was and well…it’s been over a month now and she still has it. I think she kinda likes it.

So, since I didn’t get the chance to use the pack I told my sister-in-law that she had to write a review. It worked out quite well though, since she has a 1 year old daughter and her and her husband are constantly toting their daughter around town, to the park, out to the lake, and onto the trails.

Here’s what she has to say about the new Geigerrig Mom Pack:

I started using the Mom Pack the instant I got it. My diaper bag was so full that it literally started to rip apart at the seams. I was excited to receive the bag but honestly at first was taken aback. This looked like just a normal backpack. The design on the fabric was really nice. It’s not so feminine that my husband refused to carry it. It’s looks like an ordinary backpack, but looks can be deceiving. This pack has several hidden gems when it comes to a convenient mom bag.

This pack has it ALL!

I was amazed at just how much stuff could actually fit in it so easily. Each of the dual side pockets are smartly designed to carry a large capacity without infringing on the space of the main cavity. The pockets can hold a bottle easily or a can of soda. The side pockets are also lined with an easy to clean plastic lining that wipes right up. The front pocket of the bag is constructed in such a way that it continues to the bottom of the pack making for even more storage capacity.


Geigerrig Mom Pack


Cleverly hidden hydration tubes and air pump make for quick and easy access to clean water. The front straps of the pack hold the tubes in zippered pockets keeping them free of debris, making sure the mouthpiece stays clean. For my one year old, I didn’t put any air in the hydration reservoir as I feared that the flow of water would be too much, so I showed her how to bite on the mouth piece and suck for a drink. She picked it up in no time, and after that, I couldn’t keep her from coming to get a drink.


Geigerrig Hydration Pack


My older daughter loved to pump air into the pack and use it like a water fountain. The pressurized water turns the mouth piece into an easy cleaning tool when the pacifier gets dropped or hands get dirty. Just pump air into the water reservoir with the hand held pump and you have yourself a flow of pressurized water. Super easy and convenient.


Geigerrig Mom Pack


The changing pad that is included is not your normal changing pad. It is a large area that is easy to clean but also comes with storage space for your diaper creams and whatever else you may want to store. The pad easily folds up small and stores in the bag without taking up much space.


Geigerrig Mom Pack


With the hydration reservoir and the changing pad there is still plenty of room to carry all the other baby requirements…change of clothes, toys, books, snacks and even mom’s wallet! There is enough space in this bag that I actually added additional items that wouldn’t fit in my previously overstuffed diaper bag.

Bottom line: This is the perfect bag for a mom about town, or a mom about the trails and outdoors.

To learn more about the Mom Pack visit the Spotlight page on Trail Sherpa, as well, the following links for more reviews:


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 Thanks so much to my sister-in-law for the review and pictures.


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