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DucKsday Rainsuit Is An All-Weather Suit


We all know that I am always on the hunt for awesome gear for tykes that is practical, functional and performs well. I have found such a piece and how lucky we are that it is finally available in the US.

Let me introduce you to such an item…

 DucKsday logo


DucKsday has been available internationally for awhile but just recently the brand has been brought to the US by Ollie and Stella Outfitters.

The DucKsday rainsuit is awesome! So awesome that I want one for myself. Unfortunately, they don’t make adult rainsuits (yet, trying to talk them into it 🙂 ) and the largest kids size is still too small for me. Whaaa!


Toddler sledding


Why do I love it so?

Let me count the ways…

1. It’s a one piece suit. There is no need to worry about shirts, jackets or coats riding up and leaving your tykes bellies or backs exposed allowing snow and rain to sneak their way in.

2. It’s completely waterproof. It has waterproof zippers and taped seams. Nothing is getting inside this rainsuit.

3. It’s windproof. I know I hate the cold wind nipping at me through my clothes so this is huge for me. Although the name of this item is called a ‘rainsuit’ it is actually an all-weather suit.

4. It has stirrups on the legs keeping the legs pulled down around your tykes boots/shoes and velcro around the wrists making for a snug and secure fit. Once again keeping any snow or rain from getting inside.


DucKsday rainsuit in the snow.


Toddler playing in creek


5. Super easy to take on and off and it fits over multiple layers. Depending on the temperature outside, layer your tyke up as usual and then put the DucKsday rainsuit over it all.

6. Fluorescent reflective strips for visibility.

7. Zippers with easy zipper pulls that your tyke can manage even while wearing gloves.

8. Looks adorable on. J-Man received so many compliments on his rainsuit. It comes in great colors and patterns.


Toddler hiking in the snow


9. It has a nice high collar to trap heat and keep the cold out and the hood wraps nicely around the head.

10. There is great flexibility and room in the rainsuit that J-Man is free to play, jump, tumble and climb without being restricted.

11. Reasonably priced. It retails for $69.00. I think that’s hard to beat if you’re trying to buy waterproof/breathable/windproof pants AND jacket

12. It packs up super small so it’s easy to always have it on hand….just in case there is snow or a big puddle your tyke wants to play in.


Toddler Playing in the snow


Now you see why I want one??

Can’t you see me sportin’ one?

If you can’t, well, I figured I would give you a visual…



Super cute, right? Well, except my head is too big for J-Man’s body. I’m not a photoshop expert but I certainly cracked myself up doing this and it proves my point that the DucKsday rainsuit would look cute on me.


J-Man has snowshoed and hiked in his DucKsday all winter long and it still looks brand new. This is one of those pieces of gear that I rave about. I tell all my friends and family it’s a must have for their tykes. There is one minor detail that would make things a bit easier with J-Man and maybe for other boys, too. I wish the zipper was a bit longer in front. It would make going to the bathroom a little easier without having to take half the rainsuit off. It’s only been an issue when he’s wearing a backpack and is in a hurry to go. It’s just a minor convenience factor, otherwise the rainsuit is perfect. I can’t wait for him to wear it in the rain this Spring and it will for sure be traveling with us all year long.

Ollie and Stella Outfitters provides other great outerwear pieces for your tykes from one-piece fleece outfits to pants, jackets and mittens. Launching this Summer is a whole swim collection of rashguards, surfsuits, boardshorts and more. I can’t wait to check them out.




  1. Thanks for the nice review !
    For those who only have good weather: here’s our summercollection:
    Designer ducksday


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