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Adorable Jackalope Beanie from Stio


Looking for an adorable and warm hat for your tyke?Stio logo

Check out Stio’s Jackalope Beanie.

Stio is a new company based in one of my favorite places – Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

They make clothing and accessories “you can live in ‐ in both the epic and quieter moments of outdoor life.”

This beanie is absolutely adorable and that fact that it has Jackalopes on it makes it awesome! If you don’t know what a Jackalope is it’s a cross between a Jackrabbit and an Antelope. Like a Liger – if you’re familiar with Napoleon Dynamite. Are Jackalopes a real animal? I’ll let you ponder the answer. There are also Whitebark Pinecones designed into the hat. Cute, right?

Stio Jackalope Beanies

The Jackalope Beanie is lined with a fleece ear band that is super soft and keeps J-Man’s ears warm. It fits perfectly on his head and keeps the gusty wind from making him cold. It’s been quite durable without any snags or tears after being repeatedly dropped, shoved into backpacks, thrown in the car and anything else a toddler can do to it.

It’s perfect for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, camping and every-day-wear.

This hat is great for not only winter temperatures, but I can see J-man wearing it in cooler evenings and mornings in the Spring and Summer.

Check out how cute it is…


Stio Jackalope beanie


Side view of Stio Jackalpe Beanie


Tyke hiking in Cedar Mesa


Check out Stio for other great items.




  1. Hi there! Love your page. Just happened across while looking for kids gear reviews for our active boys! May I ask what shoes your little guy is wearing in this pic and also the backpack? Would love to see notes under the pics of any other gear that is in the pic 🙂 Our 2nd to youngest is soon to be 3 and looks about the same size and looking for a small daypack (he has a hydration pack but doesn’t really pack much in it besides the bladder). Thanks and really looking forward to browsing and coming back to your page!

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