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Get Out and Snowshoe!


What’s your favorite winter activity to do as a family?





We aren’t a skiing family, yet, but we love to sled and hibernate at times, but one of our favorite activities is snowshoeing. It’s very similar to hiking but you’re traipsing through snow with the help of unique contraptions on your feet. It’s pretty cool!

If you haven’t tried it you definitely should. Hiking through a landscape blanketed with snow is beautiful and peaceful.


Get out and snowshoe!

Mom and tyke snowshoeing

The only additional gear you need for snowshoeing if you already hike is a pair of snowshoes. Trekking poles are optional but highly recommended. Once you have all the gear it is a very inexpensive activity to do with the whole family. If you don’t have snowshoes check your local outdoor gear store or places, such as, REI who rents them.

This is the first winter J-Man has been out on his snowshoes and he had a blast. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be for him. Although snowshoeing is similar to hiking you do have to get use to walking with the snowshoes attached to your feet. I let J-Man wear his snowshoes in the house so he could get use to the feel of them. I think that helped.

Tubbs Snowflake Snowshoes for Kids


Here are the snowshoes that we wear:

The first pair of snowshoes J-Man wore this winter were the Tubbs Snowflake Snowshoes.

Tubbs Snowfake snowshoes

These are great beginner snowshoes. They are simple to put on with the two straps that tighten with a tug and loosen easily. They have also fit with each pair of winter boots J-Man has worn them with.

Snowflake snowshoes by Tubbs

There is no arch in the snowshoe binding, at the toe or heel, like adult snowshoes. I think the flat design of the bindings makes balancing a bit easier for tykes.



Toddler snowshoeing in Tubbs snowshoes

Did I mention that the Snowflake Snowshoes come with a fun sticker pack allowing your tyke to decorate their snowshoes? J-Man loved that.

These snowshoes are recommended for ages 3 – 6 years old making them a long lasting piece of equipment.

Toddler snowshoeing in Tubbs Snowflake snowshoes


Toddler snowshoeing with Tubbs Snowflake snowshoes


The other pair of snowshoes J-Man has worn are the Atlas Sprout 17 . These are recommended for ages 4-8 years old. Also, making them a long lasting piece of outdoor gear.

The Sprout 17 looks more like your typical snowshoes with a slight bend in the bindings and a steel toe crampon.

Atlas Sprout 17 snowshoes

They are easy to put on and take off with the 2 straps that tighten and loosen easily. They also fit with each pair of winter boots J-man has worn with them.

Atlas Sprout 17 snowshoes for kids

The Sprout 17 do seem a bit more difficult for J-Man to snowshoe in compared to the Tubbs. He had a hard time keeping his feet straight and balanced. He complained that they kept “bending” to the side. I think this is due to the snowshoes moving in unison with the toe crampon, which the Tubb Snowflakes don’t do, since they don’t have a toe crampon or any moving parts. Even though J-Man is having a difficult time with them now, I think with more practice they will be the perfect snowshoes. I like that the steel toe crampon provides good traction for uphill climbs and descents.

Toddler snowshoeing





I wear the Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes and I absolutely LOVE them.

Tubbs women's Wilderness snowshoes

They are super simple to put on and there are no hassles, falling over or my feet getting stuck when taking them off. They have a super easy buckle and strap system that is no fuss. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost my balance trying to get my darn feet out of other snowshoes. These couldn’t be any simpler. They also fit with numerous pairs of winter boots.


They are light weight so I’m not stomping through snow with bricks on my feet and I am able to maneuver quite well with them on.

Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes



The crampons on the bottom provide great traction and support so hill climbs are easy and descending is smooth and steady.

If you’re looking for snowshoes check out the Wilderness Snowshoes from Tubbs. I highly recommend them. Oh, and they have pink details. 🙂


If your looking for a family winter activity and you haven’t tried snowshoeing yet…Do it! You’ll love it!




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