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The Skhoop Skirt Is Made For The Outdoors


Are you a girly girl like me that loves the outdoors? Or maybe not so much a girly girl but you dig wearing skirts? Or…you need an extra layer to stay warm?

If so, this skirt is for you!

Skhoop logo

Skhoop Skirt

I’m talking about the Skhoop skirt.

This is not your ordinary skirt. This is a skirt to be sported in the outdoors during cold months. Wear it hiking, camping, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. It’s fun, fashionable and functional.

I’ve been wearing the Heidi Short Skirt and it’s awesome. It’s windproof and water-resistant, which has kept me warm during the 20 degree temps we’ve been facing.

I wear it with my base layer leggings but you can layer it over tights, pants or show some bare leg (Depending on the temps, of course).


Skhoop Skirt


The Skhoop has zipper pockets on the sides to help keep your hands warm or your valuables secure and an elastic waist in the back for comfort.

There are also zippered sides so if you need more flexibility for more movement in the skirt you can just unzip the sides to the appropriate amount. This came in handy when I was getting into my SUV. My shorty legs have to reach a bit to climb in and having the ability to unzip the skirt helped. Also, unzipping made it easier when walking up steps.

The Heidi Short skirt is knee length and because I am so short it comes past my knees. I certainly like this length for the warmth, but I would prefer a shorter skirt for my activities.  No worries though, I have my eye on one of their short down skirts. 🙂

Shoop Heidi Short Skirt


Skhoop makes skirts in varying lengths and colors and some are made with down. Nice! They also have jackets, vests and accessories. Check them out!




  1. If you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you? I’m 5′ 4″ and wondering how long the skirt would be on me.

  2. I have the short down one and it comes just above my knees. (I’m 5’5)
    I love it and wear it everywhere from skiing to snowshoeing to skating. The side zippers are awesome because I often need more range of motion. And agree, getting into my husband’s truck, I have to unzip a bit on the sides.

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