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KEEN Basin WP Boots – Quality, Durability and Functionality


We are into the second week of 2013 here in Moab and it is freezing. I got my Christmas gift of a White Christmas when the snow came billowing down and it is still on the ground. Not just a slight covering of snow but a couple inches. We have been in the single digits for days so the snow won’t melt and frankly the frigid temps are getting old. Yeah, I complained about the heat in the summer and hear I am complaining about the cold in the winter. It’s a cycle I go through, really.

Thank goodness we are still able to get outside and be active due to great outdoor gear that keeps us warm.

It’s especially crucial that J-Man has gear that keeps him warm and is comfortable. Otherwise, we would be hibernating with the bears.

One item of gear that I make sure is of quality for J-Man in the winter is his winter boots. I don’t want his little toes getting cold or heaven forbid getting frostbite or frostnip.


KEEN logo


KEEN has the perfect boot for tykes so they can continue outdoor winter adventures.

J-Man has been sporting the Basin WP (waterproof) for the last month and they sure have lived up to their expectations like all KEEN footwear. The quality, durability and functionality are all there.


KEEN Basin WP winter boots


The Basin WP are super cute. They function like snow boots but are stylish enough to wear around town. Ok. So J-Man may be a  little young to understand style but I certainly am not and I like the Little Dude to look cute sometimes.

These boots are easy for J-Man to put on and take off and we all know how key that is to him actually getting to wear them. I’m a mean mommy like that.

J-Man has snowshoed in them, hiked in them, hit the snowy playground in them, and they are a great boot to wear to school. Gotta have good winter boots during recess time, right?


KEEN Basin WP boots and snowshoes


KEEN Basin WP boots


KEEN Basin WP boots


The height of the Basin WP and the bungee lace system keep snow from falling inside the boot. The boots are also insulated and lined with a waterproof and breathable membrane, all factors in keeping J-Mans feet warm.


KEEN Basin WP winter boots


Snowshoeing in KEENs Basin WP boots


The boots come in toddler, little kid and big kid sizes, so no tyke is left out.


As always, great footwear from KEEN.





  1. Keen is one of few shoe brands lately that reliably fit across styles. It’d be sweet to put some on the little tyke!

    Go Keen, and go AT!! 😉

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