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Vapur Anti-Bottle Giveaway!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Even in the winter.

When it comes to staying hydrated during any activity the best way to do so is by always having some sort of hydration bottle or reservoir handy.  With so many options available how do you choose which one is right for you? For me I have numerous bottles and hydration reservoirs for different activities. I use a water bottle through out the day and for hiking, running and biking I use a hydration reservoir.


Recently I was introduced to Vapur Anti-Bottles and upon first impression I wasn’t sure how they would fit into my lifestyle. To be honest I am an insulated bottle snob. I like to have my bottles insulated to keep my beverages COLD or HOT for a long time. Vaput bottles aren’t insulated but I figured I would try them out anyways. I am so glad I did.

These bottles are so versatile, convenient and easy to use. They not only hold your beverage of choice but they come in handy in other ways.

The Vapor Anti-Bottle is perfect for race day. I’m able to bring my own water to the starting line and then when it’s time to chuck my gear bag into the back of the truck I empty my bottle, roll it up and throw it into my bag. No heavy bottle to lug back after the race. I love that!


Vapur Anti-Bottle


Fill your Vapur Anti-Bottle up with water, toss it in the freezer and then use it in your cooler to keep things cold and have cold water on hand. I do this every time we go camping.

Also, freeze it with water and then take it on a hike. This is great in the summer when you’re in need of a cold refreshing sip of water. Ahhhh!


Frozen Vapur Anti-Bottle


 Vapur Anti-Bottle


They also make kids bottles that are super cute and come with little stickers that your tykes can use to decorate the bottles. The stickers can be removed and reapplied over and over thanks to the special type of stickers they use. There are four fun designs to choose fun.


toddler drinking out of vapur bottle


Vapur Anti-Bottles


Every Vapor Anti-Bottle has a carabiner attached, which comes in really handy. I like attaching my car keys to it when I am out and about without my bag. There are many different styles of bottles. Some with the flip top and others with a pop top. I like the flip top but I think it is personal preference.




Wanna try one out??

Adventure Tykes Giveaway Week

Vapur Anti-Bottle Giveaway!


Two lucky winners will win an adult bottle and a kid bottle each.

How to enter:Vapur Anti-Bottles

Leave a comment below sharing what adventure you would take your Vapur Anti-Bottle on.

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Leave a comment below for each entry.


Good luck!


Oh, and if you haven’t entered yesterday’s Icebreaker Giveaway you can still enter.


This giveaway is for US residents only and you must be 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway ends January 12, 2013 at 8pm MST. A winner will be chosen by random and announced the following day. An email will be sent to the winner to claim their prize. The winner has 48hrs to respond or another winner will be chosen.




  1. Those look great. I have an early bladder bottle like this and apparently, they have made some progress in the development department. They would go on grand adventures and also get to go to Maui soon and might accompany us on a paddle board excursion!

  2. I’ve been eyeing these for awhile. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. Enjoyed following you from grand junction!

  4. These would go with us anywhere! But it seems especially great for hiking with little man because after a while he can get pretty tired of carrying around a bottle and attaching it onto his belt loop would be perfect! I also think this would be great for a paddling excursion!

  5. I’ve always been skeptical of these, but would love the opportunity to try one. They’d be perfect for taking to the splash pad!

  6. I love the idea of freezing these and taking them hiking this summer, to keep our snacks cold, and to have for drinking!
    Could even use this in my kid’s lunchbox for school!
    I love how small they will get when empty!

    When I rowed in college we used water bottles like these in our boat so they didn’t roll around and damage things, and could be easily tucked into an elastic waistband when you didn’t have a free hand to carry them!

  7. I like adventure tykes on facebook (and in real life!)

  8. I’d bring these to the beach. I’m curious about if they are easy to keep clean (and dry when not being used – to prevent mildew)?

  9. I like you on Facebook.

  10. Jennifer Teece says

    We take bottles like these when we fly because you can fill them up fully at a drinking fountain. I love the ice pack idea for the summer. I am totally doing that for summer hikes. We always bring a cooler with food for after the hike and usually store cold water there, now the water bottle can keep the food cold too! As for a specific adventure, we are planning on a cc skiing/snowshoe trip to the Nordic Center at Snow Mountain Ranch. These would be great light water bottles for winter treks.

  11. Jennifer Teece says

    I like Adventure Tykes on Facebook.

  12. I’d like to use it taking my nephew exploring in the outdoors!

  13. Definitely save some room in my camping pack!

  14. Liked Adventure Tykes on FB

  15. having many and different water-carrying options increases the chances of taking and consuming the vital and universal solvent!! 😉
    Also, being a techy gear-nut, I sure don’t mind having many options in available 😉

  16. If I FBed, I’d Like AT there, but I like AT despite my disconnectivity 😉

  17. I would love to take these with us skiing this winter! I like you and Vapur on FB! 🙂

  18. Am looking forward to working out more and would love to have a Vapur bottle to take along on my journey!

  19. paul donnelly says

    everything liked on Facebook – definetly for the beach in sunny Spain

  20. This would be awesome on a hiking trip

  21. I Like Adventure Tykes on Facebook

  22. These would be great at the beach

  23. Anitha Kuppuswamy says

    Liked Adventure Tykes on FB

  24. Anitha Kuppuswamy says

    Awesome for a hiking trip

  25. Anitha Kuppuswamy says

  27. These would be perfect for a river trip!

  28. Sophia Chan says

    Perfect for my kids when we go hiking

  29. Mary Thomas says

    I would like to take Vapur on an adventure of gardening in my yard with me.

  30. Mary Thomas says

    liked Adventure Tykes

  31. We just moved to Houston, Tx. I am looking forward to whatever adventures we can find here!

  32. Liked Adventure TIkes

  33. Liked Vapur

  34. Liked! Hope I win!!! I’m using it for my RTW trip! 🙂

  35. I hope i win! i will use my Vapur Anti-Bottle for my adventure to climb the mountain and go rafting, Love it!

  36. I liked Adventure Tykes on FB.

  37. I would take my bottles on a hike with my daughter because that might prompt her to drink more on hikes.

  38. Liked Vapur on FB

  39. tweeted

  40. I would take a Vapur EVERYWHERE. It’s so light and compact I could leave one in my bag/jacket all the time.

  41. Liked Adventure Tykes on Facebook

  42. Liked Vapur on Facebook

  43. I love the ice-pack idea….would be great to take along on hikes so that we can pack something other than ClifBars and PBJ sandwiches.

  44. Liked Vapur on FB

  45. We do a lot of hiking and this would be perfect!

  46. I like Adventure Tykes on Facebook

  47. I love the Element, but am not a huge fan of the quencher. My 6 year old is as tough as nails and still couldn’t properly open and close the pop top. I hope they’ve improved them.

  48. They would be great for any adventure, beaches, vacations, school or just in the car!!

  49. Like you on FB.

  50. Like your FB page! These ‘bottles’ look great

  51. Also like Vapur’s FB page

  52. It would be perfect for kayaking. It wouldn’t roll around like a water bottle.

  53. Like you on Facebook.

  54. Like Vapur on FB


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