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Woolies And Tuck Pant by Ibex


Have you ever found a particular piece of gear or an item of clothing that you want to share with everyone because you love it so much? You want to get on a bull horn and spread the word about how everyone should own it because it’s just so awesome?

Well…I have found an item of clothing that I LOVE and I want to spread the word about. I’ve done reviews on some great gear and clothing and I’m adding this one to the list.

What on earth am I talking about and what piece of clothing could I possibly love so much that I have to get on a bull horn and share with everyone?



The Tuck Pant by Ibex.




This is not your typical outdoor pant. This is a durable, warm, water resistant, stretchy, comfortable, and flattering pair of pants. The Tuck Pant is my go to pant when I am hiking, camping, snowshoeing and playing outside. During our 6 day camping trip to Zion National Park I wore these pants 4 days in a row. I would have gone the whole 6 days but J-Man managed to dirty them up pretty good for me.


Ibex Tuck Pants in Zion National Park


What’s so great about them?

Let me list the ways…

First and foremost The Tuck Pant keeps me warm. During the 20 degrees and below temperatures in Zion the cold nor the wind chill were nipping at my legs. The climawool stretch fabric by Ibex combined with the merino wool lining kept me warm.

The Tuck Pant is softshell material allowing for stretch, water resistance and durability. I have hiked, scrambled, slid down boulders and bush whacked through willows and not a single snag or tear in them. I’ve worn them during snow storms and the wet snow didn’t penetrate through them.




The softshell material is lined with merino wool which manages moisture and odor, as well as, warmth.

They fit perfectly and are flattering. I always have a hard time finding pants that aren’t too long and the size 4 is the perfect length for this 5’1 shorty. There are front pockets but they aren’t bulky.

They sound like a great pair of pants, right?

If you get cold easily like me I highly suggest giving them a try. You can layer them with a merino wool base layer and you will for sure stay warm, if not, HOT.

I know that they are a bit pricey but this pant is going to last years. Bedge has a pair from 5+ years ago and they are still going strong. Yep, they make the Tuck Pant in both Men’s and Women’s.






Ibex also makes some great merino wool base layers and mid layers.

I have been sporting the long sleeve Woolies this winter and they are very versatile. They can be worn by themselves, layered with other clothing or with just a vest. I find that if I layer two Woolies I stay very warm.




They are a soft merino wool and allow for stretch so I’m not confined while I’m out adventuring.

The Woolies come in different merino wool weights, as well as, sleeveless and short sleeve. There are also bottoms, underwear and tank tops in the Woolies line.

My favorite is the Woolies Crew Stripe. It gives you a little style with your other layers.



The Woolies have the great properties of merino wool…wicking, anti-microbial (no stink!) and machine washable.

Check out Ibex.


What gear or clothing do you rave about?








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