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Hiking, Biking and Exploring in Zion National Park


Last week I shared with you A New Buddy I Discovered in Zion, well here is the rest of our trip.


The days in Zion were a perfect temperature for hiking, exploring and just being outside.

We did the notorious 2 mile round-trip Riverside Walk. Due to the abundance of rain the previous couple of days The Narrows hike was closed. We probably wouldn’t have done it anyways. Our feet would have froze.

Ready to go!


The Virgin River


Making his way to the end of the path.


Time was spent down by the Virgin River throwing rocks in the water, scrambling over rocks and tying wild onions around branches. J-Man rode his bike along the bike paths, we spotted Deer and Big Horn Sheep.





J-man took his awesome sauce, as he likes to say, and hiked 3 miles round-trip to the lower, middle and upper Emerald Pools on his own.

Lower pool down below.


Taking a snapshot of the middle pool.


Upper pool with a layer of frozen ice on top.


Heading down from the upper pool.


Frozen branches at the lower pool near the waterfall.


We did a bit of leaf rubbing in the lounge area of the Zion Lodge one evening where we enjoyed hot cocoa and a dinner out.





We hiked the 1 mile round-trip Canyon Overlook Trail with J-Man’s hand gripped in mine. There’s quite a few drop offs on this hike so we took it slow and steady. Beautiful view at the end, but of course, I forgot to take a picture of it.

Have I mentioned that I am fearful of any type of bridge?


HUGE alcove.


Narrow section of the trail.


We explored some of the upper section of the park and in doing so we scrambled down a hillside that most people repel down… but that’s another post.

One of our favorite things to do is to explore side trails and walk down washes.


Where does that go?


Super deep slot canyon.


To top off the trip we took a little detour on our way home and visited the northwest section of Zion – Kolob Canyon. This section of the park gets very few visitors due to it’s location. It can not be accessed by a vehicle from the main area of the park. Lucky for us it is on our way home.

We ended up doing a short 2.4 mile hike in this area, Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, and look forward to going back to explore some more. Certainly don’t want to go in the warm months as this is a very popular rattlesnake hang out. ACK!! AND a Mountain Lion habitat.




Although there are tons of rattlesnakes in the area this would be a great hiking during the hot months. Just in the 2.4 miles we hiked we crossed the creek 20+ times.


A bit of snow in sections of the hike.


1930’s Larsen Cabin where we turned around.


Can’t wait to go back, hopefully, in the Spring.



Have you ever been to Zion National Park? What National Park is your favorite to visit?



  1. I love that you got away from the main easy trails! So many times I’ve been to Zions with a group of people that never veers out of sight of the shuttle.

    The first time my midwest dwelling sister came to UT we went to Kolob Canyon and she had a full-fledged panic attack. The enormous red rock walls that we adore made her very very claustrophobic! Poor thing.

    • Oh no, to your sister. She needs to come visit more so she gets use to the canyon walls. She would hate slot canyons. haha Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome. I need to get back down there. I’ve only been once and we just did the loop you can drive. We only had a few hrs to spend there. What I did see was beautiful though. Can’t wait to go back. Mtn lions and rattlesnakes scare the hell out of me with the kids. Snakes terrify me anyways, but with 2 curious kids. Super scary.

  3. Great post Melissa! You explore a completely different segment of the park than we did. So I had to add this post to my Pocket account so we can just use it as our guide for our next trip to Zion!

    • Thanks! The upper section of the park is my favorite and not visited as much. Lots to explore and do in that area. Have fun on your next trip. Jealous you live so close. 🙂

  4. Awesome. This looks like a blast. You captured some great photos. I’ve never been to Zion but it is on the list.

  5. Where was the cave photo taken? I was down there the end of October and hiked the Narrows in shorts and gym shoes. We got a lot of looks from the people in waders and water proof shoes. Of course, the water was 50 degrees.

    • I wish we could have done the Narrows. Hopefully, in the Spring. The ‘cave’ photo is actually a tunnel under the road. It’s in the upper section of the park but I can’t say for sure exactly where. Sorry!

  6. Melissa,
    I cannot believe I have not made it to Zion yet. Such beauty! Love your photos and it looks like such a fun trip!


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