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Snowstoppers Mittens


There’s nothing like having cold little fingers while trying to mash together a snowball or while building the ultimate snowman. Also, who likes to go sledding and have snow rush up the inside of your sleeves freezing your arms. Not me and I know your tyke doesn’t like that either. This winter make sure your tyke has appropriate and quality gloves for fun in the snow.



Check out SnowStoppers Mittens.

These are by far my favorite mittens for J-Man when it’s cold. I love that the mittens extend up underneath his jacket sleeve providing warmth and protection. The long sleeve also helps keep the mittens on, along with the velcro strap around the wrist.

The SnowStoppers mittens are waterproof, keeping your tykes hands nice and dry and the insulation keeps them toasty warm. The tuff grip palm helps your tykes hold securely onto ski poles or sled handles without their little hands slipping off.

The mittens come in fleece or nylon, as well as, gloves and are available from SnowStoppers.

Great stocking stuffer for sure!



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