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Don’t Leave Home Without It – Natures Coffee Kettle


Who’s a coffee drinker, raise your hand?


Do you take it camping?

I do! I do!

It’s a must for me. I pretty much NEED my coffee in the morning or I just don’t feel ready for the day. Is that pathetic? Probably, but it’s the truth.

I don’t always have the luxury of walking into a nice quaint coffee shop to get a good cup of joe when we are camping, so I’m constantly on the look out for coffee on-the-go, an easy coffee contraption or whatever will work in the backcountry to satisfy my coffee need. I want something that tastes good, is simple and not bulky.


Lo and be hold… Nature’s Coffee Kettle (NKC).


I discovered this treat at the Outdoor Retailer Show back in August. I had no idea such a thing existed until I was passing by their booth. Yeah, I stopped dead in my tracks to see what it was all about and I’m glad I did.


Getting ready to brew some coffee!


Nature’s Coffee Kettle is REAL (not instant) coffee in a bag. Simple, fast coffee that tastes good.

Here’s how it works:

Open bag at the top and pour hot water in the bag


Seal it up and wait patiently for a few minutes.


Pour coffee in a mug and enjoy!


Simple or what?


The coffee and filter are in the top of the bag so as you pour the water into the bag it flows through the coffee grounds and filter. It’s like a portable coffee maker minus the fuss of messy coffee grounds.  If you want stronger coffee you can re-pour the coffee back into the bag and let it filter through again. You get 4 cups of coffee in one bag ($4.99) and the bag is reusable. You can buy refill packs ($2.99) to save money and be eco-conscience.

I’m already boiling water in the morning for J-Man’s breakfast so this makes things super easy.

This is perfect for backpacking, too with a weight of 1.2 ounces per bag.

Do be careful, though, since the bag is not insulated it can get pretty hot. Use the finger holes on the side to hold it up while you pour the water in and then set it down and let it works its magic.

Other products as simple as this are decaf coffee, organic coffee, flavored coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, apple cider and tomato soup.

We had the hot chocolate a couple nights ago and it was just as good and just as easy. Pour the water in, shake it up and enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa. J-Man was pretty happy to have hot chocolate while camping since it’s something I don’t usually bring. With this set up we will always have it on hand.


Do you bring coffee along while camping? How do you usually make it?







  1. This sounds like a great thing for us coffee lovers who backpack and sleep on the side of walls at 1500 feet! I on the other hand am one of those campers who bring along a peculator and propane stove. I then dump my coffee grounds around plants or trees, it’s good fertilizer. I love it though and will keep it in mind for long hikes in the winter.

    • Such a great idea to fertilize the plants and trees. I’ll remember that next time I have grounds to discard. The Nature’s Coffee Kettle definitely has a convenience factor to it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We usually bring instant (Starbucks Via). It isn’t bad 🙂

  3. That’s cool idea; never seen that before! Though the Jetboil which I see you using (don’t you just love that gadget!!!) comes with a coffee plunger doesn’t it, so you can get a good coffee with that. We use an Aeropress (you can see it on our site). It makes a mighty fine coffee.

    • I’ve only used our Jetboil a few times but it is quick and easy. I use to use a french press but this is so much easier and tastes good. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Have you ever heard about Grower’s Cup. It tastes much better. You can buy it at Campsaver.com


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