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Teva Toddler Raith Review



Teva and I go way back. I started wearing their sandals when I was 19 years old, so that’s a verrrrry long time. I’ve been up and down mountains in my Teva sandals, hung out on the beach with them and worn them as my everyday summertime sandals. I definitely went places in them.

I have never worn their shoes, so when J-Man had the opportunity to try out their kids line I took it. I wanted to see what Teva has been up to with their shoe line. Would they compare to the other shoes J-Man has been wearing? Would they hold up to his adventurous ways? Would they have enough support? Could J-Man put them on by himself (that’s a must)?

I had a lot of questions when the Teva Raith shoes arrived and here’s what I found out.

First, J-Man LOVED that the shoes had orange on them. If you didn’t know already orange is by far his favorite color and orange will almost always play into his choices, no matter if they are practical or not. Thank goodness the shoes were practical.

The Raith definitely compare to the other brands of shoes J-Man has been wearing. They are super durable and have held up to the abuse J-Man has put them through. He wears them all over… hiking, stomping through puddles, bike riding and the playground.



These shoes have a rubber sole that allows great traction, which keeps his footing secure while he jumps around, scrambles and climbs on things.



They seem to be comfortable and support his feet well. There’s never any complaining of discomfort or aches. Always a good sign.

The Teva Raith have a synthetic and mesh upper with a waterproof membrane which keeps his feet dry while he stomps in puddles and plays in the creek. The synthetic upper and mesh come clean easily with a damp cloth.




One of the biggest factors for me is if J-Man can put the shoes on himself and the answer is YES. They have a bungee lacing system making it super simple and easy for him to do it alone.

Although the Teva Raith compare with the others J-Man has been wearing in regards to durability, performance and support the one thing I found different is J-Man’s feet kinda stink after he wears these. Maybe his feet sweat more in these shoes or is he getting the ‘typical boy’s smelly feet’ at an early age? ha. Either way, he has stinky feet at the end of the day.

Regardless of the stinky feet issue the shoes are great and I definitely see them lasting until J-Man can no longer squeeze his feet into them.





  1. My daughter has a pair of Teva sandals that she loves and has worn all summer. I’m sure she’ll be getting a new pair in the spring. And I agree with the stinky feet issue but she’s my kid so I don’t read too much into it.

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