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Overland Equipment Giveaway!!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Adventure Tyke Photo of the Week has been skipped to bring you this awesome giveaway.

I’m not going to dilly dally around, let’s just get to it.

This giveaway is for an Overland Equipment Auburn bag in Red-Violet and Amelia wallet in Dove-Blue Mist.

Yeah, pretty sweet!

I’ve been using the Auburn bag for the past month and I absolutely love it. This is coming from a girly girl who LOVES her bags.


For example…

This is just a small collection of my bags.

I’m  not one to skimp on my bags, so I have forked out a pretty penny for some of them. I use them EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE, so the bag has to be cute, stylish and allow for easy access. Totally the girly girl side of me. (Some of these bags are a disaster to get into and, of course, found that out after the purchase.)

I’ve been in the market for a new bag and when I saw the Auburn bag it called to me. It’s much different than the bags pictured above but I wanted something practical, easy to use yet still stylish and cute.

I LOVE this bag!

I can get into any compartment of the bag with one hand leaving my other hand to hold J-Man’s hand, carry shopping bags, carry my latte or whatever else might be occupying it.

J-Man took this photo of me. 🙂

I can wear the Auburn bag across my body or on my shoulder and place it perfectly within reach with the adjustable strap. There are numerous compartments for organizing and the back pocket is where I store my phone, shopping list and easy access items, although everywhere in the bag has easy access. I normally carry a large bag for all my necessities and extraneous items but this bag isn’t that big and holds everything I need.

The bag is made of ripstop ballistic nylon so it comes clean super easy and doesn’t snag, catch on things or pick up dirt. Perfect for a bag that gets used everyday and, especially, when you have a toddler around.

Since I have a new bag I needed a new wallet and the Amelia wallet is a great sized wallet with enough slots for cards and organized well to keep your moola easily accessible. It also comes with a wrist strap to turn it into a wristlet for a night on the town when you don’t need your entire bag. The zipper closer keeps everything secure and there’s a zipper pouch inside for coins.

The Auburn bag and Amelia wallet are the perfect set.

So whatcha’ think?

Great bag and wallet to win, right?

One more thing…

I’ve had this bag from Overland Equipment for over 5 years and it is my favorite road trip, beach, Farmer’s Market and everything-else bag when I need to carry a lot of stuff. With all the use and abuse it’s been through it’s still going strong. It’s made with cork handles and soy ink and I sure do wish they still made it. Sorry if you love it too. Tell Overland Equipment to bring it back! 🙂 This just shows you what a great product Overland Equipment makes and I know my Auburn Bag and Amelia wallet are going to last for a very long time.


So how do you enter?

Leave a comment below sharing what type of bag you usually carry or if you carry one at all.

For extra entries:

Like Overland Equipment on Facebook

Like Adventure Tykes on Facebook

Tweet:  I just entered to win a great bag and wallet from @OverlandEquip and @adventuretykes http://wp.me/pNfdk-1X0 #giveaway


**Leave a comment below for each entry.


This giveaway ends at 8pm (MST) on Sept. 12, 2012. The winner will be chosen by random and emailed.


 Good luck!!




Thank you Overland Equipment for sponsoring this giveaway.







  1. This looks like a great bag! I have use bags that others have given me and one too-big, ugly black backpack when carrying lots of stuff for activities with my girl. I could use this for work, swim team, Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market, bike rides into town and many other adventures. Thanks, love site!

  2. I carry a diaper bag most of the time. Usually it’s an Overland Equipment bag I got years ago. They hold up so well!

  3. Like overland on fb

  4. Like adventure tykes on fb

  5. Tweeted giveaway- windego7

  6. My wife usually carries a backpack style bag–she’s had it for years and I’d like to win her something new.

  7. I do a combination of biking and busing to get from Raleigh NC where I live to Durham NC where I work. I love having my Overland Equipment Donner bag for the trip. It holds my phone, my glasses, my keys, my umbrella, my water bottle, my wallet, my day planner, my journal, my bike seat cover, my iPad, my Overland Everyday Shopper (in case I need more room on the way home!) and MORE! And I know right where to find each item. No more rummaging around in the bottom of a huge bag!

  8. I have over 30 Sherpani bags. Maybe I should branch out a bit…

  9. Like Overland Equipment on facebook

  10. Cindy Jo Burleson says

    I’m currently carrying a American West bag.

  11. like adventure tykes on facebook

  12. Lori williams says

    I carry a Keen bag…but I’ve been looking at these for some time!!

  13. Lori williams says

    liked Overland on facebook

  14. Lori williams says

    like adventure tykes on facebook too

  15. I usually dont carry a bag

  16. Like Overland Equipment on Facebook (jeannine drenchek-scavo)

  17. I love bags as well. For Christmas, my hubby bought me a fabulous Burberry purse. I love it, but as an outdoorsy, SAHM…well, it’s fabulous but doesn’t function well with my lifestyle. I need compartments and a bag I can take camping, hiking, to the ball field. When I go these places, which is quite often, I end up putting my things in an old bag or putting a few of my things in the diaper bag. I would love to win an Overland Equipment bag!

  18. I like Overland Equipment on facebook.

  19. I like Adventure Tykes on facebook.

  20. I tweeted about this contest.

  21. I have 3 overland bags and love them! I have been hiking,flea marketing and tossed them around. I can find everything I need even carry my water bottles and sunglasses. I can carry my Ipad in my bag and still keep up with the essentials.I love these bags!

  22. I usually carry a knappsack or a smaller crossbody bag

  23. Bags, bags, bags! Around town, right now, I’m carrying a bright multi-colored wool bag (sounds weird, but it’s oh-so-cute!) that I found in Ireland last year. I’ve got a Miche bag with four covers that I often use in winter, and a Sherpani bag that I use for outdoor adventure and travel. All of them are small, so that’s why I would love to win a larger back from Overland! They look to be a great size! Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. I like Adventure Tykes on fb

  25. I like Overland Equipment on fb

  26. I tweeted! Thanks!

  27. Great contest! And great bags. I love that the bag is pink! The bag I normally use is one of those fabric ones that you’d get in Mexico or something. It has a long strap so I can wear it across my body – important when you need all of your hands for young kids. It’s not very sturdy though as a hand bag/purse. I’ve already had to get it sewn back together once. And I have this heavy bulky orange wallet. Could use one that is thinner.

  28. I like you on FB

  29. I like Overland equipment on FB.

  30. just sent out the tweet.

  31. I’m either carrying my Coach purse or a huge camping backpack…lol! It would be great to have something that falls between the two extremes 🙂

  32. I tweeted!

  33. Even I didn’t have my son it was important that I have a backpack or shoulder bag that allowed me to have my hands free. Depending on our activity, I have a great camera backpack, a day pack with a water bladder and an insulated carry all bag that are my go tos. I love this bag as I can’t stand having one less hand to do stuff and now that we’re not having to carry the diapering stuff, I’ve been looking for to a great bag for everyday that still allows me to have my hands free. And my wallet, let’s just say it’s seen better days 😀

  34. I like Overland Equipment on FB

  35. I like Adventure Tykes on FB

  36. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  37. I like Sherpani brand bags, and they look very similar to Overland’s – so versatile, I just can’t go back to a “girlie purse” ever again! ;-D

    Great giveaway – thanks!!

  38. I like overland on FB!! I have an overland bag, but am in need of new one!!!

  39. Liked Overland Equipment on Facebook 🙂

  40. Liked Adventure Tykes on Facebook (can’t believe I hadn’t done that before … shame on me!!)

  41. I love Overland bags too! I currently carry a messenger Timbuk2, but since I am done with diapers (I should say, my boys are) I can downsize a bit!

  42. LOVE these bags!!! would LOVE a new one!!!

  43. I have 2 Donner bags one for travel and one for everyday. I love them! I could use another overland bag my are getting pretty rugged.

  44. Getting ready for a big trip and this would be just the ticket for my gear!

  45. I carry a large leather purse that I bought at the Malcolm Shabazz bazaar here in Harlem. It’s basically a big open space with enough room for my wallet, keys, water bottle and the plastic zip bag with all his diaper stuff.

  46. Jessica Ludders says

    I have a smaller overland bag that I love and I just ordered one of their smaller wallets! – got rid of all my other bags! I would totally dig this one!

  47. I usually carry a Fossil Foldover Cargo bag, but it is getting to be fall and it is time to switch to something more utilitarian.

  48. Also, I tweeted about this contest at miss_klari.

  49. I carry any bag that strikes the mood… I love bags, but have never found the perfect one. Reading this post I have a feeling I should look into Overland Equipment bags…

  50. I love Overland Equipment bags! I have a a Donner bag that I’ve had for several years that I use all the time. They are so functional, practical and attractive. I’m expecting my first baby in a week so an Auburn would be super handy!

  51. I like Overland Equipment on facebook.

  52. I like Adventure Tykes on facebook!

  53. I carry various bags, depending on the season and my needs. I do have an OE bag I like a lot.

  54. Bettina Adams says

    I absolutely love Overland Equipment bags. I use the bayliss for everyday stuff. It is perfect for travels too. I would love to try out the Auburn bag.

  55. Bettina Adams says

    I already like Overland Equipment on FB

  56. Bettina Adams says

    I liked Adventure Tykes on FB

  57. I tend to drool over all the nice bags out there (such as this one) but never seem to indulge myself. I carry a cross body simple leather bag.

  58. Sharon Matchen says

    Love my Overland bags! Started with Placer and went up from there, even carrying the briefcase for about 6 years.Wish they still made it! Always got compliments.

  59. katrina johnson says

    I love my over-the-shoulder bag from Overland! I bought it 5 years ago, but the Quincy they sell now looks similar. I used it for a diaper bag, and doubles as an extra-big purse. I love that it zips open wider for when I need to shove an extra shirt or water bottle or purchase in. Great quality materials and zippers, and Overland bags always seem to have pouches and compartments that actually make sense!

  60. rebecca webb says

    I already like you on FB

  61. rebecca webb says

    I already like Overland on FB

  62. rebecca webb says

    At the moment, all I carry is a diaper bag. I don’t have enough shoulder space to carry anything else! 🙂

  63. I carry my overland equipment bag that I use as a diper bag most days.

  64. Sharon Matchen says

    Liked Overland E. on Facebook

  65. Sharon Matchen says

    Liked adventure tykes on FB

  66. Sarah Knechtel says

    I currently use a non branded wallet that I dislike and a timbuk2 bag for a diaper bag. Have been looking for a bag for me for a long time and this bag and wallet look AWESOME!

  67. Sarah Knechtel says

    I already liked Adventure Tykes on FB

  68. Sarah Knechtel says

    I liked Overland Equipment on FB

  69. Sharon Matchen says

    Tweeted for one more entry 🙂

  70. I’m fairly new to this product, recently bought my first Overland piece. A wristlet, and I LOVE IT! The features and durability are great for my busy life as a student.

  71. Mary Lou Snodgrass says

    I sure do love the look of the Auburn bag. I always give my friends and family overland bags for gifts. Maybe it is time for me to have one of my own!

  72. The Radcliffe by Overland is my all time favorite. Holds everything and stylish!

  73. Jen (yup, another one) says

    I have an Overland Donner bag and love it but it’s getting tired and it would be nice to have smaller options!

  74. This would be a great bag for my next vacation!

  75. I love my Placer! It is small enough to not get too heavy and bulky but there are so many places to put things!

  76. Right now, I carry an old Keen shoulder purse – it has seen better days and needs to be replaced! I love how durable the Overland bags look!

  77. tweeted!

  78. I liked Overland on FB.

  79. I liked Adv Tykes on FB.

  80. ti'moune bintijuwa says

    OK, I confess…..I am indeed a bag junkie! I have bags by all the major makers (backpacks, shoulder bags, messenger, you name it). Even though I love a bag with orgnizing sectons, my go-to bag is an Overland flat shoulder bag made from Hemp with the same green floral design as the bag above. No organizers, but great to grab, dump everything in & run out the door. And, it lays flat against your body. Been eyeing this Auburn bag for a while; it’s high time one made it to my closet!

  81. I am new to Overland….saw them in a shoppe on Mackinaw Island, kick myself for not buying it….I will have one someday 🙂

  82. I usually carry a plain, ugly black nylon purse I’ve had for a few years. I’d love to have something nicer!

  83. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I usually carry a bag my Mother gave me, but it’s time for a new one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I like Overland Equipment on Facebook

  85. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I like Adventure Tykes on Facebook

  86. Natalie J Vandenberghe says
  87. Nancy Ketcham says

    I have two Auburn bags in different colors. Love them both. I also have a small travel purse that’s great–holds TONS of stuff. And a wallet. Great stuff.

  88. I use my large pink bag from Overland Equipment! I have had it for many years & it still looks awesome! It is so big I can throw everything in it—-larger pockets. There is a large water bottle pocket & bungee cord on exterior—fabulous 2 outside zipper pockets to organize everything—& the bag zips open on the bottom. It washes up in the washing machine too! I love this bag as a Mom & woman!!!!

  89. Janine Hempy says

    I usually carry a backpack with a small purse inside. The backpack carries diapers and wipes and whatever else the kids might need (snacks! sippy cups!). My small purse of choice is an Overland Equipment Placer. I adore the Placer!

  90. I carry a tote and it usually is full to the brim! Would love to try Overland!

  91. Liked Overland Equipment on FB – Tina S Rath

  92. Liked Adventure Tykes on FB – Tina S Rath

  93. Any bag I carry has to be practical. Big enough to carry kids crap but not so big I feel like a mule!

  94. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  95. I am an adventure tykes fan on FB!

  96. I carry a Overland equipment Donner in green- Love it.

  97. I like Overland equipment on FB

  98. I like adventuretykes on FB too!

  99. I also love, love, love bags. Right now I am using a $5 bag from Target. This past weekend, we took a trip and I used my new Thirty One Retro Metro bag. It was awesome! It fit clothes and toiletries for four days : D I also just discovered Overland Bags and I am thinking about getting the Cambridge.


  100. Lisa Monroe says

    I use an Overland Equipment Donner bag for everyday and for traveling!

  101. Doris Y. S. says

    I carry a sling bag but the Overland Auburn bag looks like what I really need. Beautiful color and perfect size.

  102. liked adventure tykes fan on FB!

  103. liked Overland Equipment on FB!

  104. Right now I’m using a Baggalini purse, but I have an Overland Donner bag, an Overland tote (forgot name) that I ADORE, so I’m totally w/ you when you fall in love with a specific bag. I am paranoid that someone will steal my Overland tote, I watch it like a hawk whenever I take it anywhere. Sad but true!

  105. A tote purse that carries it all…

  106. I have been carrying the Bayliss by Overland Equipment and have had my eye on the Auburn for some time since I need some more organizing space. I really would love this bag!

  107. I like Overland Equipment on FB.

  108. Andrea lofton says

    Right now I have an osprey bag

  109. Been looking for something to replace my “MY Oilcloth” bag. This looks like a great possibility!

  110. I carry an Overland Donner bag in grey. LOVE IT! and I wouldn’t buy from any other company. The Donner perfectly fits just about everything I need for a day out with the kiddos. just wonderful.

  111. Angelyn Haskell says

    Aloha from Chico, CA – the town where Overland Equipment was born! I found my first OE bag many years ago in a local thrift store and I knew I had found my Dream Purse. I LOVE OVERLAND EQUIPMENT PRODUCTS. I tout the benefit of OE products to friends and family – and strangers who inquire. I have purchased OE bags as gifts for friends and family as well.

    Overland Equipment bags are ready-to-wear on or over your shoulder. The materials are sturdy and a cinch to clean – great when you are walking Farmer’s Market, exploring nature or you have a little one with sticky fingers.

    Overland Equipment offers a myriad styles to choose from that will accommodate your style and your stuff – from your dog walk-around-the-block to hiking and camping with your family.

    OE bags are available for you in many colors from nature.

    Whatever your style or color choice, each OE bag is designed for comfort and utilitarian use. You will find great outer and inner compartments to make organization easy. Whether you need an outer pocket for your water bottle or umbrella, you want a soft place for your iPhone, or you need a big inner compartment for a trek to nature there is a OE bag designed for you . OE bags have coordinating inner fabric so locating something you need is easy. Another style feature you will love is the ingenious way OE has secured your bag – not only will your bag open & close easily but your items feel safe & secure.

    Phew! I could go on and on…(I always use OE bags when a travel)…LOL.

    I am a passionate fan of exploring nature and of Overland Equipment products. Take an OE bag with you when go and you’ll be a true fan like me!

    P.S. How to pick my fave OE bag? I can’t choose my favorite kid either but I’ll go with my personal Dream Bag…the AUBURN!!

  112. “Liked” Overland Equipment and “Adventure Tykes” My bag of choice has got to be durable, lots of pockets, slots and stays clean. Overland Equipment bags are my kind of bags AND they have wallets? That’s my kind of style!!! <3

  113. Wow! Way to go on the giveaway, this is awesome! I carry a Patagonia bag. Bright red!

  114. I have an Overland bag that is 15 years old (I think) – I just bought another to have a different color! It is my favorite always go back to bag…..

  115. I have 3 Overland bags and I’ve been dying to get a new Aunburn!!! I have bought Overland bags for gifts for years, They make the BEST gifts. I’ve even got my mother hooked on them! My aunts and cousin as well. Thanks OE for making such great gear!

  116. Candee Jackson says

    I’m not one of those “gotta-getta-purse” girls…I use the same old messenger bag I’ve been using for the past 4 years to tote around half of my house. But this one looks perfect! Practical…but pink! 🙂

  117. Candee Jackson says

    liked overland equipment!

  118. Candee Jackson says

    Liked Adventure Tykes (especially since i have a 4 1/2 year old tomboy!)

  119. Candee Jackson says

    tweeted : I just entered to win a great bag and wallet from @OverlandEquip and @adventuretykes http://wp.me/pNfdk-1X0 #giveaway

  120. I carry a small Ebags purse – I love it but it is a pain when I need to carry more things with me! I would love a larger bag!

  121. As of late, I’ve grown a ridiculous collection of giant packs – but when it comes to day-to-day or light adventuring bags, I’m stuck carrying around my huge 40 L packs when all I really need is one nice lady bag.

    As for wallets, well, my cash and cards are currently carried around in an old birth control packet. But really. I need a proper lady wallet, haha!

    Cheers, and thanks for the awesome giveaway. 🙂

  122. I also ‘liked’ Adventure Tykes on FB – can’t believe I hadn’t done that already.

  123. Also just sent the tweet out!

  124. I used my new Overland Equipment Donner bag on a trip to Disneyland with my 7 year old, it offers compartmentalized areas so a wallet is not necessary, a water bottle holder on each side of the straps. The strap crosses over for easy carrying. I love Overland bags, they are well made, durable and cute bags.

  125. Ever since I spotted Overland Equipment bags in the shops at Ohiopyle, I’ve wanted one. I’m hoping to get one for Christmas, but if I could win one of these fabulous bags, well, that would truly be a gift! Can’t wait to own one of these spectacular bags.

  126. I liked Adventure Tykes on Facebook.

  127. I’m already a fan of Overland Equipment on Facebook.

  128. Chandra Shumate says

    Would love to win this!! I’ve had my eye on these bags :O)

  129. Chandra Shumate says

    Like Overland Equipment on facebook

  130. Chandra Shumate says

    Like Adventure Tykes on fb

  131. Liked Adventure Tykes

  132. Like Overland Equipment

  133. I don’t carry a bag.

  134. schleyna miller says

    Hello there-
    I usually carry a long hippy type purse that I wear across my body. Im five ft nine and its pretty hard to find a proper fitting bag thats long enough. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck to everyone.

  135. I love my Overland Equipment and am already a fan on Facebook. I also love my Adventure Tykes.

  136. What an awesome giveaway! I have an overland bag that is my go-to, but this one is smaller (and cuter!) and would be awesome, now that my little one is not so little and my carrying around stuff needs not so great!

  137. Cheryl Kupras says

    I have an Overland Equipment bag (Merino) is the style I believe and the light blue/denim color. It is the bomb!

  138. Great review! I have a few Overland bags and I love them all!

  139. I discovered the Overland Equipment Donner bag three years ago; I now have it in three colors. I switch to other bags occasionally, but the DOnner gets the most use.

  140. My sister saw a women at a baseball game with an Overland bag and told me I had to go to the site. Love the bags, I will be purchasing one in the near future.

  141. I usually carry cross the shoulder bag I got at a shop in Telluride. It’s getting pretty ragged and this looks like a wonderful alternative!

  142. Liked Overland Equip on fb

  143. I always carry my 1154 Lill “Anne” wallet. Usually in another 1154 Lill bag for work, or our Northface bookbag (which serves as a diaper bag). But on date night, or before kids, I used all my other Lill or Nine West purses!

  144. I like adventure tykes on Facebook!!

  145. I always carry a backpack that serves as my diaper bag. Thanks.

  146. A Backpack

  147. I always carry my hobo style purse and I usually have a diaper bag too.

  148. I like overland equipment on facebook.

  149. I’m a bag lady! I admit it! I’m always on the lookout for the perfect bag. Who knows?! Maybe this one will be my perfect bag. 🙂

  150. I usually carry a diaper bag when out with the kids but they are out of diapers now! Looking for the perfect bag to carry water bottles, snacks, a few toys. I would love an OverLand bag, they look great!

  151. My purse strap just broke, and I switched back to my old purse which doesn’t hold up well to dirt. This one looks awesome!

  152. I like you on Facebook!

  153. I like Overland on Facebook!

  154. And I tweeted!

  155. my sister and i live on opposite coasts, but we bought and use the same overland bag. mine is cranberry and hers is green. love this bag!!

  156. I sell Thirty-One bags and purses and I love them but I still love my Overland abgs and purses too!

  157. I carry a bag and wallet from REI that’s practical for being a nanny because I can put things in it. But would love to win this bag because I like to switch things up and with fall around the corner now is the perfect time. This bag and wallet seem very practical for the same thing as well as getting out on the weekends!

  158. I love the Overland Equipment bags. I’ve had two different Donner bags over the last 6 years and have a hard time using anything else. I love the pockets in the side that I can put a water bottle, cell phone or other items to have within easy reach. They are such sturdy bags!

  159. During a day of touring historic Harpers Ferry, WV & visiting some of the local shops, I discovered the Bayliss. I carried it for years, especially on outings like walking around the city or concerts, until I decided to purchase the Placer online recently after trying for a while to decide which style of shoulder bag I wanted. I love my black & dusty blue Placer! It’s durable, functional, & simply lovely. Not only does it match a lot of my clothes but I wear it when I’m biking & can carry so much with me & keep it all close. I like that I don’t have to carry a backpack & can have everything I need at my fingertips… my cellphone (for obvious purposes, but also for tracking my rides), camera, keys & garage door opener, lip gloss, brush, etc. I don’t just carry my Placer on the weekends, but often during the week, which reminds me of my past weekends & weekends to come!


  1. […] I initially heard about Overland Equipment from reading some of my favorite blogs, Tales of a Mountain Mama and Adventure Tykes. They each did reviews on various bags, like the Taxi, Sierra, Belvedere, Maisie, and Auburn bags! […]