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Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Pack – Eliminating ‘Cooties’


A while back I participated in the Hydration Summit and did a review on the Geigerrig Rig 500 hydration pack. In case you missed it, here is the review.

Your headed to the amusement park, soccer game, the beach, farmer’s market or the playground and you need to take along water. What do you usually carry water in for your family? A hydration bladder or water bottles for each person?

Whichever it is, it adds up to a lot of bottles or bladders for a family.

How about using a Geigerrig hydration pack for the ENTIRE family AND you can store snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, wallets and keys in it?

One pack for one family.

Sound great?

I think so!

Here’s the low down on why.

The Geigerrig is a pressurized hydration system that allows water to be sprayed into your mouth instead of sucking on a bite valve. With the spray system you can pinch the bite valve and the pressure built up inside the hydration bladder will force the water out in a spray. You can then spray the water into your mouth which makes sharing the water amongst family  and friends easier and no worries about cooties from each other. We all know how tykes avoid ‘cooties’ at all costs.

The spray system is also a great way to wash little hands. Spray the dirt, grime, sticky fingers or who knows what else from your tykes hands. Cleans them right up.



Use the spray system to cool off  your tykes and yourself in the heat of the summer. You’re waiting in line at the amusement park for the water ride and you are melting…pinch the bite valve and spray away. Your tyke needs a little refresher in the middle of playground time…spray away. It’s like a little portable sprinkler. Be careful, it might be just a little too fun carrying around that portable sprinkler. Especially, if your tyke gets their hands on it.


Your tyke fell down and scrapped their knee. Mom and Dad to the rescue! Spray the debris from their owie. They will feel so much better and their owie will be all cleaned up.

The family dog came along and is panting away with their tongue dragging on the ground. Spray the water in their mouth for a little hydration. No extra bottle and bowl for your 4 legged member. He is part of the family after all, so he can drink like one.

If you run out of water, no problem! The Geigerrig system has an inline filter. No need to worry about your water source or searching to find bottled water. Fill it up in a stream, drinking fountain or sink, pump up the pressure and your ready to continue on.

The pack itself is comfortable with nice padded straps, an adjustable sternum strap, small and simple waist belt and sufficient padding on the back of the pack for comfort. I have a hard time finding packs that fit my small frame and the Geigrigg fits just fine.


 Testing out the bite valve (ewe…cooties!)

This is a very durable family friendly multi-use pack. Fill it up anywhere, share without getting cooties from each other and spray down when you need to cool off or get clean. Super simple for your tykes to use, too.

It’s dishwasher safe making it easy to clean.

The biggest decision will be who gets to carry it.

Do you need any other reasons why this is a great pack for a family affair? I don’t think so, but if you do check out Geigerrig.com for more details and options. Geigerrig offers a variety of pack sizes catering to individual and family needs.

Quote from J-Man when leaving the park: “I need to get one of those packs for me.” Guess he likes it.


Can you see the advantages of the Geigerrig hydration system? Would you take it with you on a family outing? How do you normal carry water for your family?


Geigerrig generously provided me with the Rig 500 hydration pack for this review. All opinion and comments are my own.


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