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Grand Teton Finale


Let see…Last Thursday I told you about the awesome campsite we had, the yummy food we made, the boat ride across Jenny Lake and our hike up Cascade Canyon.

Here’s the details of the rest of the trip…

We then took a scenic float trip down the Snake River. This was J-Man and I’s first time on a raft. I was super excited.  I’d been wanting to do a float trip since I first visited Grand Teton National Park years ago.



 We were served a yummy lunch by our nice but not so talkative guide.


And, of course, we took a break to stretch our legs and throw rocks in the river. Rocks + water = GOOD TIMES!


We spotted numerous bald eagles and there GINORMOUS nests.


We got our hike on again up to to Taggert Lake. This is the hike where the bribery, er… motivation came in.



J-Man learned a great trick from Bedge…dip your hat in the creek to cool off.


1.6 miles later we were rewarded with a little lunch and relaxation at Taggert Lake.



No fair, J-Man got a ride AND a nap on the way down.


Here’s a fun series showing each time J-Man has ‘hiked’ this trail…


 We also visited the town of Jackson, WY and did your typical tourist-y stuff of shopping and eating. We ate at our favorite restaurants, Merry Piglet and The Bunnery. Mmmmm So good! Try them out if you haven’t. (I wasn’t smart enough to take pics of any of the places or the delicious food. I’m still learning)

I did capture these awesome moments.




And last but not least we visited the exact spot we got married 7 years ago to the day – Lupine Meadows.

Awe! Isn’t that sweet!


So, that was our great trip with a few minor details and exceptions left out. Overall we had a fantastic time and we are trying to figure out how we can go back in the fall.

Oh and, Sorry if you came back just to hear all about J-Man’s companion (who went EVERYWHERE with us) and I put you through more fun pictures. 😉

I almost forgot to introduce him.

Without further ado…

Say hello to Dude the Duck!

He is apparently J-Man’s companion on all his adventures now.

Dude has been J-Man’s buddy since he was a baby but only recently has Dude been so lucky to go on adventures with us. He even got to go on the float trip.

He’s one lucky Dude.

Do your tykes have a ‘travel companion’ they take everywhere? What vacations have you taken or are going to take this summer?




  1. This looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

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