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Ibex: Do You Know This Company? You Should!



I did a review a while back on one of my favorite hoodies of all time. I was pretty sad I was having to retire it for the summer but it won’t be long until I can wear it again.

Until then, I am digging some new items I received from Ibex. If you haven’t heard of Ibex before, let me introduce you.

Ibex is a wool clothing company based in Vermont. They design, create and bring to life wool clothing that is stylish, functional and practical for outdoor activities.

Most folks think of wool to keep us warm during the cool autumn mornings or the cold winter days. How about wool to keep you cool during the summer when the temps are reaching 100?

I say yes!

And Ibex has just the clothing to do so.

Here’s how they break it down…

17.5 Baselayer 1: Next-to-skin. All summer.

18.5 Baselayer 2: Next-to-skin. All year.

21.0 Midlayer: Second layer. Chilly days.

24.5 Outerlayer: On top. Shortest days.


Of course, I wear merino wool in the winter but now I am a huge fan of wearing it in the summer.

I’ve been testing out the 17.5 base layer in the Balance Sport Top and I love it.

It has a built in sport bra that provides enough support when running and is form fitting so you’re not getting your clothes snagged on branches when hiking or caught in your hands when running.

It has racerback straps and is made with New Zealand merino wool and a little bit of nylon and spandex for shape and stretch. It has the anti-microbial characteristics that all merino wool have, so you aren’t stinky, and even when running in 85 degree heat I wasn’t too hot. The Balance Sport Top wicked the moisture away effectively and did I mention it is super cute?

The only minor problem I had the first time wearing it during a run was I didn’t have the straps positioned right on my collar bones. My collar bones stick out more than most peoples (I’m weird) so I need to make sure straps on clothing are positioned correctly or they get uncomfortable and sometimes leave sore spots. And who wants that during run or a hike? Not me!  With this particular top I have to make sure the fabric is resting on my collar bones and not the straps. If you aren’t a freak like me with collar bones that protrude so badly then you won’t have a problem. Other than that I LOVE this top.

This top is not just for running. It is perfect for hiking and if I was so inclined to break out some yoga moves I know that it would be great.

So if you haven’t tried merino wool in the summer I highly recommend it.

Check out Ibex for all their other next to skin – base layer items.


Do you wear merino wool in the summer? If not, what’s your go to clothing? Would you try it?



Ibex kindly provided me with this top in exchange for my review. All opinions and comments are my own. . 



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