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Trekking Poles for Tykes by Black Diamond


Trekking poles.

Do you use them or have you used them?

Bedge and I use trekking poles during backpacking trips, lengthy hikes or strenuous difficult hikes.

They provide you with better balance and footing.

They relieve pressure and stress on your legs and knees during downhill hikes.

They help you on ascents or hill climbs allowing your arms and back muscles to pull you up.

They give you support and allow you to traverse slippery surfaces, loose rock and help you cross streams easier.

So, when I discovered Black Diamond made First Strike Trekking Poles for tykes and they offered to let J-Man try them out I was excited.

I wasn’t sure if they would be suitable for a 3 year old or fit his size but the only way to find out was to try.

J-Man thinks they are great and even better…he is more like Mom and Dad with his VERY OWN trekking poles. He was very disappointed when we left the trekking poles behind during a short hike we took. I knew next time to bring them no matter the distance.

I thought maybe it would take him a bit to understand placement of them and technique but he proved to be a pro.

Given that he is only 3 years old I didn’t expect him to hike the entire hike with them and I was right. He hiked for about 20 minutes and then I stashed them in my pack for the remainder of the time. I’m sure as he gets older, understands the use for them and feels the difference they make while hiking he will use them longer.

The First Strike Trekking Poles are super easy to adjust. They have a FlickLock Adjustment, similar to a quick release that allows you to easily adjust the trekking poles for height and allows you the “visual security that the pole is locked.”

J-mans hands fit securely around the smaller handles, which have a soft rubber grip and the nylon webbing strap wrapped around his wrist with ease and no discomfort. J-Man actually would get upset if the strap was not wrapped around his wrist properly.

The poles come with a trekking/hiking basket and a winter basket allowing for 4 season use.

These are poles that your tyke will getting many years of use out of since they are so adjustable in height.

I definitely see J-man using them more and more as he gets older.


Has your tyke used trekking poles? Do you use them? Is it a piece of gear you see beneficial at a young age? 



Black Diamond providing me with the trekking poles for J-man to try out. All opinions and comments are my own. Affiliate links are provided in the review to help us continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us and most importantly our tykes.  




  1. Oh wow! Cool! Great practice for some nordic skiing too… 😉

  2. Love these – have to find them, the size looks perfect. M currently uses one pole of our old poles and love it – or he finds a stick. Mostly it’s a sense of being like mom and dad and having fun on the trail, but we figure getting him in the habit of at least thinking about whether he needs poles is good.

    • These are great poles for first hikers. So easy to adjust and light enough that if you end of carrying them it’s no big deal. Let me know if you end up getting some and what you think.

  3. Thanks so much for your post. I was wondering if these would be too big for my 3 year old & you’ve shown me they are not! I will order these for her.


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