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Tuesdays Tip of the Day: Sunscreen Protection

I’ve been talking sun protection since Springtime and how important it is to protect your tyke from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Today’s Tuesday’s Tip of the Day is about sunscreen and although I could get on my soap box and preach my beliefs about sunscreen, it’s chemicals, sprays vs. creams and talk about all the research I have read about it I’m not going to do that.

I am going to give you a few things to think about when purchasing sunscreen for your tykes and a brand that I have been using and recommend.

Sunscreen is recommended to prevent sunburns, sun cancer and aging of the skin. Staying in the shade and covering with clothing will do the same but isn’t always practical, so we turn to sunscreen for protection.

When purchasing sunscreen for your tykes think about these…

Sprays vs. creams. Sprays are super convenient, are easy to apply and are less messy but how safe are they? Should we be inhaling those chemicals? Should your tyke be inhaling those chemicals? What damage could be occurring to your lungs when inhaling those chemicals? Although the FDA hasn’t ruled out any health hazards, yet, you never know.

Sunscreen with insect repellent. Sounds like a great idea but not such a good idea. Sunscreen has an agent that increases absorption into the skin and you don’t want the insect repellent being absorbed. Your best bet is to buy sunscreen and insect repellent separately.

Health wise, how safe is your sunscreen? Are unnecessary chemicals being used in it? Are there harmful or toxic chemicals in your sunscreen of choice? Does it matter to you? To answer these questions I go to the Environmental Working Groups website Skin Deep. EWG is a non-profit group made up of lawyers, scientists, engineers, policy experts and others who…

“pores over government data, legal documents, scientific studies and our own laboratory tests to expose threats to your health and the environment, and to find solutions.”

I use EWG Skin Deep database to research products I use on J-Man and myself. I know that I can not control every harmful chemical or toxin from entering our bodies, but if I can have some control and ways of limiting them then I feel like I am doing my part.

This past Spring I was introduced to thinksport and thinkbaby sunscreen at the Outdoor Retailer show.  I was in search of baby/kids specific sunscreen so I started using it. J-Man wears the thinkbaby (which I have actually used myself when I’ve forgotten mine) and I use the thinkSport.


I have to say…I really like both and here’s why…

1. They both have a safety rating of 1 on Skin Deep and are one of the top recommended sunscreens this year. (The lower the rating on a scale of 1-10  means it’s is safer for you.) HUGE factor in me using it.

2. They don’t smell like sunscreen. J-Man and I wear sunscreen everyday and unless I am laying on a beach with some fruity drink in my hand I don’t want to smell like anything tropical. There is little to no scent to the sunscreen so it is perfect for everyday wear.

3. Neither is greasy or sticky and doesn’t leave a film. I don’t want to walk around shiny, reflective or have things stick to me. It absorbs nicely into your skin like a good regular lotion.

4.  They both work! That’s pretty important. J-Man wears his thinkbaby everyday to school, in the pool and anytime he is outside. I wear thinksport on my runs, hiking and biking and neither of us has had a burn this year. They both protect from both UVA and UVB rays, they aren’t chemical based, are water resistant and are paraben and paba fee.

thinksport has 3 types of sunscreen. thinkbaby, thinksport KIDS and thinksport.

Here are the EWG reports on all 3 sunscreens:



thinksport kids


thinksport and thinkbaby sunscreens are sold out on their website. They can be purchased here: Thinksport Sunscreen and Thinkbaby Sunscreen .


Do you have a favorite brand of sunscreen you use? Do you even use sunscreen? Do you use Skin Deep to research products?



thinksport provided me with a sample of thinkbaby and thinksport sunscreens for this review. All opinions and comments are my own. Affiliate links are provided in the review to help us continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us and most importantly our tykes.  

sun picture courtesy of St. Louis Core


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