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Mother’s Day Tribute, Day 2: Sharing the Outdoors with Tykes


As an active person who loves to hike, bike, climb, and go canyoneering I also love to spend time in the outdoors just relaxing, taking in the sun, the smells, the sounds and enjoy how rejuvenating it can be.

It was important for me and for Bedge to introduce J-man to the outdoors at an early age. We figure if we start him young he will, hopefully, fall in love and have an appreciation for nature and the world around us. We hope that he will enjoy the activities we introduce him to so we can continue doing them as a family. Also, being active outside has health benefits galore and beginning an active lifestyle young sets the foundation for that.

I’m already seeing, at age 3, the influence early introduction has had on J-Man when he comes home from school asking if we can go hiking or camping. That makes me one proud mama.

Although we do a lot of hiking, camping and soon climbing and canyoneering, we also spend a lot of time outdoors walking, playing at the park, having picnics and riding bikes. Not every outside activity has to be an adventure, although it is for most tykes. Getting outside away from the influences of TV’s, computers, video games and house hold duties allows you time to relax, spend one-on-one time with each other and it gives you some breaths of fresh air that definitely does a body good.

Some friends chimed in about why they share the outdoors with their tykes…

Erin from AK on the Go: ” I am the daughter of a forester who, at 80, can still out-hike and out-navigate me. My brother and sister and I grew up knowing more about our Pacific Northwest trees and shrubs than the latest cartoons. I never utilized a campground until high school, when we all rebelled and insisted on a place to sleep that didn’t necessitate a four-hour drive along a remote logging road. My dad sees the outdoors as Home. I see the outdoors as Love. It is also sort of like grace: freely offered, with no strings, warranties, or apps involved. We, as children, now parents ourselves, need only to accept this wonderful gift we’ve been given. I don’t think I could live any other way.”

Amelia from Tales of a Mountain Mama: “I am a BETTER mom when I am outside.  I am more free, more relaxed, and more readily available for my husband and kids.  Our family just runs smoother in the wilderness, drinking in the fresh air.  Our outdoor memories are the ones my husband and I treasure the most.  The lessons learned and adventures experienced outdoors are the ones that my kids remember the most.”

Tanya from Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies: “It’s very important to me to share our love of hiking, camping, skiing, and playing outside with our son. We believe in spending both quality and quantity time together as a family every weekend and we want to do that while we share a common interest. We don’t want to leave our son behind while we go out to play in the mountains. Occasionally we leave our son with Grandma and enjoy an adults only adventure but most weekends we are out together bonding, enjoying family time, and exploring  together.

We also believe in starting early.  We want to teach our son to enjoy the outdoors now while he’s still small so that when he’s bigger we can do big adventures as a family.  You can’t expect a 10 year old to do a backpacking trip if he’s never walked more than 2 miles.  We hope that small steps now will lead to big steps later.”





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How to enter:

Comment below about why you share nature with your tykes or why you don’t.


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**This entry closes at midnight (MST) Saturday, May 12th and the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day, May 13th.


Make sure if you are a new or expecting mom that you check in tomorrow for a sweet giveaway! Spread the word, too!


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  1. Sometimes it feels like we just go from enclosed space to enclosed space: home to school to the store, etc. I love taking my girls outdoors and letting them flood their senses with the uncontained world.

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  8. We take them out with us because we love it. Also, that way, they don’t trash the house…

  9. I ‘like’ you

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    natasha brayman kelly

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  13. We’re an outdoor family! We made a very concious decision when our son was born not to stop living our outdoor lifestyle but to adapt it to include him. This means continuously making changing as he grows… from hiking to camping, menus to packs we try and find ways for everyone to enjoy the experience.

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  23. I would love to like Thorlos on FB but I can’t find them (neither your link or the link on Thorlos site is working for me). I just had to throw out one of my favourite pairs of Thorlo socks 🙁 I followed them on Twitter though)

  24. I love that last paragraph…it is so true. Some people don’t want to start their kids too young but if you don’t introduce them at a young age it will be harder when they are teenagers!

  25. natasha says

    My husband and I were always camping, hiking, outdoors people and though we did slow down a bit on the camping when my first was born we still went for hikes and then started incorporating backyard campouts. Once we finally braved a real camping trip with him we couldn’t figure out why we had waited- he loves the outdoors as much as we do 🙂 We haven’t been in a while- I don’t camp when pregnant (laying on the ground in my 30’s with a big ol belly just isn’t for me :/ ) and then we had to get through the winter and now I can’t wait to get both our sons out hiking and camping! My four year old asks almost daily to have a campout and smores 🙂
    As far as hiking we do a lot of local walks to the library, grocery store and school playground but we don’t have any great nature spots anywhere near by (even driving its about 45 min to a decent spot). 🙁 When we bought our home it was to be close to the city- where we both worked, also within walking distance of common errands- we are a one car family so walking and public trans are important. But, one thing that I know for sure after being in our home for a few years is that our next home will be within walking distance of nature walking spots!

  26. I share nature with my kids because it’s important for them too discover and explore new things. Last week we went for a bike ride through the forest near our house and ran into a moose! My three kids, aged 6, 4, and 2 were amazed! Their eyes popped right out of their heads. I don’t think they’ve ever seen a moose so close up and huge before. They couldn’t stop talking about it. My little guy kept saying, “Moose. moose. moose.” His new word! Very Proud!

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  30. My boys can be fighting, screaming and unable to listen in the house, but as soon as we get out the door something changes. The fights stop and they find sticks together, screams are because they saw a fish and they intently try to hear a new bird call. It is amazing. I share nature with them for my sanity!

  31. I do share the outdoors with my tykes. I love being away from the busyness and crowds and I want my peeps to enjoy that too. I love that my kids consider going for a hike or a bike as a treat and not dreaded, obligatory family time. And I love that my 6 y/o is a better fisherman than most adults I know.

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  33. I love YMX on FB too. I actually drool for them becuase I love their shirts so much, but drool wasn’t a choice.

  34. Honey Stingers is a running staple for me. I like them on FB too

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  36. Your link for Thorlos takes you to their website instead of their FB page. Either way, I like them (already) on FB because I love them too. 😀

  37. Disregard my incorrect statement re: the Thorlos link. I clicked the wrong link within the post. Silly me. Smart you. 😀

    And I like ThinkSport on FB

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  39. Jennifer Teece says

    My husband and my love for the outdoors grew as our love for each other did. So when we had our son, we wanted to share all that love with him. And now with our son, our outdoor experiences continue to grow. His love for balance biking (and hopefully soon 2-wheel biking) got me back on a road bike and exploring on 2-wheels. My husband can’t wait until our son says he wan’t to go rock climbing, and we all run the trail near out home (though we all go different distances). We’ve always, and will always, love hiking and camping as a family, but as our son grows, so do our outdoor experience opportunities. We never thought having a 3-year old would have challenge us to some many new outdoor adventures…but it is so awesome that it is.

  40. Jennifer Teece says

    I have liked you on facebook.

  41. I want to give my kids quality outdoor time, because my parents gave it to me. Some of the best parts of my childhood was spent outdoors either on a short walk, playing at low tide, or living on a glacier in the summer. I want to pass on that love to my children.

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  44. I share nature with my son because we believe it’s God’s creation and important to discover,appreciate, and give thanks for.

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  46. I get my daughter out in nature as much as i can. Whether it be to play in the dirt, hike a local park trail or just see the wildlife. I want her to respect what we have, but also not fear it.

  47. I share the outdoors with my kids because not just the physical walls are removed, but the the limitations those walls put on imagination, exploration and self-discovery.

  48. I love watching my 4-year-old’s imagination flourish outside.

  49. Ellen B says

    Love to share nature – we moved from NJ to NH for that reason

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    I love to share nature with my kids there are so many learning opportunities found in nature!

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  60. Laura Downie says

    I LOVE sharing nature with my kiddos!! Teaches them SO many things- how to use their senses, how to respect the earth….

  61. Laura Downie says

    I liked sweaty bands!

  62. I love being outdoors in nature so of course I share that love with the kids.

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  66. I love spending time outdoors with my kids because not only is it good for their bodies, but it is good for their souls! One of my sons has sensory processing issues and the calmness and quietness of nature make it one of the only places he is truly comfortable.

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  74. Because we can! Because there are so many parks and nature activities at our fingertips that we can experience all before nap time! Because our little guy has so much energy that sometimes only the outdoors can contain him! Because seeing it all through his eyes can sometimes make us appreciate it that much more!

  75. i like adventure tykes on facebook!

  76. We love to travel with our boys as we get to show them the real Australia 🙂 I never ever used to like camping, but now that we live in a motorhome I am keen to leave the bus parked, and explore places with our car – that way we can go into places that the bus cant.
    We are about to go on a Free Camping weekend in the next few weeks – with tents! I am so keen and so excited – looking forward to the freedom of exploring new places that we otherwise wouldnt get a chance to see!

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