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CALLING ALL PARENTS! Screen Free Tips & Giveaway!


April 30th – May 6th is Screen Free Week.


What is Screen Free Week you might be asking?

It is the chance to step away from computers, TV’s and other electronics. Give yourself a break, give your tykes a break and find fun entertaining things to do instead. Spend quality time as a family even.

Why Screen Free for a Week?

Because more and more children and adults are becoming sedentary. Our obesity rates are rising drastically and it is time to get off the couch, step outside and live a more healthy and active life style. The Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood has put together this yearly event and myself along with other bloggers are participating in spreading the word. I know it isn’t easy to go completely screen free for the week and for some it is impossible so choosing to set aside a few hours for other activities instead of electronics is still beneficial.

Tales of a Mountain Mama  has worked hard to coordinate and execute a wonderful Screen Free campaign. Check out her website for daily giveaways (entry is only 24hrs!) and great information on how to go Screen Free.

How Can You Participate?

Commit to turning off all electronics from April 30th – May 6th. Show your tykes you can do it and they will follow. Visit the websites below for ideas, activities, resources and giveaways to help you go screen free.

Here is a list of Screen Free activities for the week:

Hiking/Nature Walk: A great way to get those legs moving, breath in the fresh air, get a bit of vitamin D, spend time as a family and enjoy being outside.

Playground/Park: Head to a new playground or park. One you’ve never been to before. Change it and let the kids play on different equipment.

Nature Reserve: Visit your local nature reserve. There are easy nature trails and you might spot some wildlife.

National/State Park: Visit your local national or state park. There are usually trails for everyone, visitor centers chock-full of educational material and ranger led programs.

Bike ride: Pump of the tires and hit the road or trails.

Scavenger Hunt: Put together a list of items for your tykes to find and then go on a walk or hike.

Art Walk: Directions here.

When doing any activity it is important that your tyke is well hydrated and nourished. Healthy snacks and water will help sustain their energy. We all know what its like to have a crabby tyke that is hungry or thirsty. They focus on their bellies and how hungry/thirsty they are, they get fatigued and it becomes a miserable outing. Make sure you bring healthy snacks and water along to any activity.


String Cheese

Granola Bars (we’ve been making our own)

Apples already sliced with Artisana nut butters

Pepperoni and cheese

Trail Mix or Gorp (we make our own)

Pb & J

Boiled eggs


Raspberries, Blackberries or Blueberries                                         

Dried Fruit/Fruit Leather


Here is a list of other Screen Free participants who have wonderful ideas, activities and giveaways to share for Screen Free Week.

A Little Campy (post will be live Thurs)

Bring the Kids (post will be live Thurs)

Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

Go Explore Nature (post will be live Wed)

Nature for Kids (available now)

Outsidemom.com (post will be live Wed)

Tales of a Mountain Mama (post everyday)

VeloMom (post will be live Fri)


To help keep your tyke fueled and hydrated during Screen Free Week I’m giving away an Artisana Organic Nut Butters sample pack and an Eco-Vessel water bottle. We LOVE Artisana Nut Butters and take them hiking, camping and on road trips. A great snack food. Eco-Vessel is one of our favorite water bottle companies. A great stainless steel insulated bottle that is easy for your tyke to use.

To enter:

Leave a comment sharing an activity you’ll being doing with your tykes during Screen Free Week.

Extra entry: Like us on Facebook

Extra entry: Like Artisana on Facebook

Extra entry: Like Eco-Vessel on Facebook

*leave a comment for each entry




**Giveaway is only 48 hours! Closes at midnight on April 25th.


Thank you Artisana and Eco-Vessel for providing the nut butter samples and water bottle.













  1. Thanks so much for a great post and participating, Melissa! 🙂

  2. I think that screen free week will be centered around building our new treehouse with some good sandbox play mixed in there too. I’m sure there will be a few other adventures mixed in there too, but we are so anxious to get our treehouse done!

  3. I “Like” you

  4. We’ll definitely be playing outside lots and our big project is going to build a jumbo sand box in our back yard. We’re starting off the week with a toddler family hike with some new friends.

  5. I like you on facebook.

  6. We plan doing a lot of bikerides on Screen Free Week.

  7. AWESOME! While a little ironical I’ve got to admit 😉

    I really like your recognition of this situation and calling attention to it for today’s “active” parents. In fact here are a couple other [similar] stories on the same subject I’ve come across and really enjoyed!

    KUER’s Radio West

    WHYY’s Fresh Air

    Yes I know they’re public radio programs…we’re nerds that way, we admit and embrace it 😉

    I’ll be out backcountry on the White Rim in Canyonlands (for work, boo no kids), but my wife will be with the kids and (outside high temperature dependent) probably be getting outside, if only in the neighborhood with our 3-mo old.

  8. rebecca webb says

    We will be taking a lot of walks this week. The weather is wonderful for it, and the baby just loves to look at all the new sites!

  9. rebecca webb says

    I already like you on FB

  10. rebecca webb says

    I like Artisana

  11. rebecca webb says

    I like eco-vessel!

  12. Amanda Davis says

    I “like” you on Facebook. 🙂

  13. Amanda Davis says

    We are going to our local fishing spots and doing litter pickup (and some fishing too)!

  14. Denise Owen says

    During screen free week we will be practicing new moves on the trampoline. Great tool for strengthening and stretching for all the hiking we will be doing later in the months to come.

  15. We’ll be hiking….oh and packing to move! AHHH 🙂

  16. I like you on FB 🙂

  17. Amanda Davis says

    I like Artisana on FB!

  18. Amanda Davis says

    I like Eco-Vessel on FB, too!

  19. Anna Colleen says

    We have a few day trips to local State parks and the beach planned! I hope the weather is OK!

  20. Anna Colleen says

    I like Eco-Vessel

  21. Anna Colleen says

    I like Artisana

  22. We’ll go on a walk on our local walking trail that winds through the woods and near a creek.

  23. Rich Kolb says

    My plan is to take the kids to the Y for some swimming and then our usual routine of t-ball, hiking, biking, and just playing in the yard.

  24. Rich Kolb says

    I liked Adventure Tykes

  25. Rich Kolb says

    I liked Eco Vessel

  26. Rich Kolb says

    I liked Artisana Raw Organic Nut Butters

  27. We’ll be taking his bike down to ride the trails in one of our great natural parks.

  28. Like you on facebook

  29. Like Artisana Raw Organic Nut Butters! on Facebook

  30. Like Eco Vessel on Facebook

  31. amy wilson says

    Thank you so much Melissa! I love your website! It is so informative! This week I will be playing with my boys at the park during our visit and practicing our baseball skills and jumproping with the new speed ropes the kids earned from a school fundraiser!

  32. Sonia Driscoll says

    I liked you on FB 🙂