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Hi-Tec Review AND Giveaway!


There are two pieces of gear that MUST be comfortable when hiking.

Do you know what they are?

If not, here ya go.

Boots and a backpack.

If your boots or your backpack or maybe both are not comfortable during your outdoor adventure you are going to be…m i s e r a b l e.

I have been hiking a few times where I have had boots that didn’t suite my feet. Let me tell ya, I was miserable. With every step I took I cringed in pain. I’ve stopped to adjust my socks, adjust the laces, add band aids, add mole skin and at some points I was almost desperate enough to take my boots off  and hike in just my socks. Ever been there? I don’t plan on going back.

Shoes that are not sized appropriately, that don’t fit your feet or are inappropriate for hiking can cause a lot of discomfort. You can get blisters, numb toes or rubbed/raw spots. Who wants to hike and be focused on their feet instead of the beautiful surroundings? Not me!

So what boots do we wear when hiking? I have been wearing the Hi-Tec Harmony Lite, J-man has been wearing the Hi-Tec Total Terrain Elastic Lace Junior and Bedge has been wearing the Hi-Tec Total Terrain Mid WP. Yep, a total Hi-Tec Family.

Let’s talk about the Hi-Tec Harmony Lite, first.

When Hi-Tec offered to let me try out a pair of their shoes I was excited but a bit apprehensive. I LOVE shoes but I am very picky about my hiking/backpacking shoes. I’m always hesitant to try out new shoes because of the blister, numb toes, discomfort fear factor. Like my running shoes I always just purchase the same pair every year. I know they fit and I know they are comfortable.

Photo courtesy of Bret Edge Photography

These Harmony Lites impressed me. I didn’t get to try them on first and make sure the size was appropriate so I just went with my ‘normal’ shoe size and it fits true to size. Phew!

They are light weight, breath well (no sweaty or HOT feet) and great traction.

I refuse to wear heavy shoes. No clod stompers here. I’m able to maneuver around rocks, roots and steps without having my feet weighed down.

Shoes MUST breath. Wearing the right socks (merino wool or synthetic) does not always prevent hot sweaty feet. I like the mesh panels on the Harmony Lite  for breathability along with the suede  for durability and support.

Traction allows you step on rocks without falling off, scramble up rocks without sliding down and helps you stay steady on the trail. My shoes need a grippy sole. The Vibram outsole on the Harmony Lite has that grippy-ness (yeah, it’s a word) that I need when I’m scrambling around on slickrock.

I only have one dislike about the Hi-Tec Harmony Lite’s and that is the tongue is too short. It’s nice that it doesn’t try and imbed itself in the front of your ankle while hiking but when putting the shoes on it can get lost as you slip your foot in. Minor issue and doesn’t affect the function of your shoes.

Photo courtesy of Bret Edge Photography

J-Man’s Hi-Tec Total Terrain Elastic Lace Junior boots have been his go to boots since they arrived in the mail. He wears them to school, riding his bike, to the park and most importantly he wears his ‘hiking boots’ when hiking. We all know toddlers are very picky about what they choose to wear and J-Man is no exception. He LOVES his boots and very rarely does he wear anything else. These boots are a shrunken down version of Bedges Hi-Tec Total Terrain Mid WP except they are not waterproof. J-man loves that his boots are like daddy’s.

Photo courtesy of Bret Edge Photography

The Total Terrain Elastic Lace Junior has one of the most important requirements of mine. J-Man needs to be able to put them on himself and he does. They do have the short tongue which sometimes gets pushed into the boot and he has to try again. That can be frustrating for him but other than that the boots are great.

There is no tying shoelaces and just a simple velcro strap. Simple!

They have the grippy outer sole allowing J-Man to scramble over rocks and up boulders.  The breathable mesh panels keep his feet cool and dry.

J-man will wear these boots out.

Photo courtesy of Bret Edge Photography

Where’s Bedges review? He will be writing his own and I will feature it on it’s own post.

Until then here is a chance to win a pair of Hi-Tec boots for your tyke.


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below about one of your favorite adventures with your tykes?

Extra entries:

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Leave a comment for each entry.


Good luck!


This giveaway ends Saturday, March 31 at midnight (MST).



Hi-Tec provided us with the boots for this review. All opinions and comments are our own.





  1. It is starting to feel like spring and makes me remember how much I LOVE hiking with my kids (and husband too, of course! :))

  2. Matt has pretty much outgrown his current hikers so thanks for the awesome review! One question… I’m always hesitant about velcro as it rarely tightens as well as laces but at the same time it’s time for Matt to get his own shoes on. Does the velcro on these function well to support the foot in the shoe?

    • Suzi,

      The velcro on the shoes is very secure and you can cinch it pretty snug. The laces are kinda like bungee laces so they are snug around the foot. Good luck!Thanks for entering. 🙂

  3. Already like Adventure Tykes!

  4. Already like Hi-Tec!

  5. Already like Adventure Tykes

  6. Already like Hi-Tec

  7. Denise Owen says

    Our favorite hike so far has been the one we took from our cottage in Estes Park, CO (Hwy 66 Spur) into Moraine Park in the Rocky Mountain National Park. While on the hike we crossed rivers, saw waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife which included a group of 8 wild turkeys. We enjoyed breathtaking sceenery and amazing weather. The proper hiking shoes definately make it all the better and are most appreciated.

  8. Hiking is always our simple go-to adventure!

  9. Awesome giveaway! My lil man would love these 🙂

    My favorite adventures with the kiddos is climbing. But being outdoors is really all it takes to make us happy 🙂

  10. Liked Hi Tec on FB

  11. Already liked you on FB 🙂

  12. I like to take my kids hiking through a huge park near us that has small mountains. Lots of fun!

  13. I Like Hi-Tech on facebook. (Sarah Scott)

  14. Kristen C says

    My 4 & 6 year old both love hiking & camping but geocaching takes the cake, because who doesn’t love hidden treasure? 🙂

  15. Kristen C says

    Already a fan of Hi-Tec, just liked Adventure Tykes.

  16. Both of my boys love to hike! They also love to camp and take a ride in the canoe 🙂

  17. Liked Hi-Tec on fb

  18. Liked Adventure Tykes also!

  19. I liked Hi-Tec on Facebook!

  20. I liked Adventure Tykes too!

  21. One of our favorite outdoor adventures is the hike to 7falls here in Southern Arizona. It’s about six miles roundtrip, but totally do-able with little ones. The best part? The destination has a huge waterfall that is perfect for swimming. We like to pack snacks/lunch for that part too!

    My 5-year-old would be elated to have her very own pair of hiking boots. I bet she’d opt for the Renegade Trail Jr. – pretty colors and great support.

  22. I love hiking in new places with the kids, especially southern Utah!

  23. Alreadt liked you on FB

  24. Candace L says

    We love hiking up steamboat rock with our daughter. Fabulous views and the hike part is kid friendly!

  25. Candace L says

    I like Hi-Tec on fb!

  26. Candace L says

    I already liked Adventure Tykes on fb! 🙂

  27. one of out favorite adventures is to hike~! we stick to easy trails for now since the kids are small, but were moving up the ranks quickly!

    we would love a new pair of hiking boots as they grow out of them so quickly!

  28. We love to just hike around our neighborhood, there are some great places to go and the kids can play without having to drive anywhere!

  29. Jennifer Teece says

    Our favorite hikes with our son (now 3) have been in Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ve hiked to Lake Hayaha, stopping at all the lakes along the way. At Lake Hayaha, he found it freezing and fun to dip his feet off the boulders into the Glacial Lake while making up stories about swimming and kayaking across the lake. Good shoes are important, even for little ones, because he’s already hiking most of the way on hikes less than 4 miles…even when there is elevation gain. And I’ve found that any shoes other than true hiking boots just don’t hold up with our toddler’s activities. He’s also really excited about putting on his shoes himself, so I’m glad to hear that these are good for that too.

  30. All of our adventures are my favourite! We do have an advanced 7 day hike coming up in May though, so a good pair of hikers would be great!

  31. Terry Avila says

    I love to canoe and go on mountain hikes with my daughter! We love to just go for walks outdoors. Our favorite adventures were probably hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway! We saw a bear for the first time there (it was one of our first hikes) and she just about freaked out!

  32. Terry Avila says

    Liked Hi-Tec on Facebook (Mimi Avila)

  33. Terry Avila says

    Liked Adventure Tykes on Facebook (Mimi Avila)

  34. I love hiking with my DD. She always falls asleep in the carrier on my back which makes it perfect! I’d love to go to Shi Shi Beach with her this summer.

  35. I like Hi-Tec on facebook.

  36. I like adventure tykes on facebook too!