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He Has Upgraded



Last year J-Man received his first camera and boy does he love taking pictures. The camera travels everywhere with us and it is fun to see what his little eyes capture. Although the camera is rugged and indestructible the quality of the pictures are really poor. We can’t print them and show them off. So, for J-man’s 3rd birthday we upgraded his camera to one that provides quality photos he can print out. It’s not as durable as the previous camera but the description does state it is waterproof, crushproof and drop proof from 5 feet. *crossing our fingers*

Pentax Optio WG-1 Adventure Series


Here’s to educating and  learning how to value one’s belongings at 3 years of age. Ha ha!

With that said, here are some pictures J-man took the other day with his brand spankin’ new camera.


 His view from the backseat


Prepping for dinner


Blurry dinner


What a horrible expression on my face


Pretty cool pic of a tree shadow (minus the finger 😉 )


Sign of Spring


Great picture of Daddy


Does your tyke have their own camera? Do you print out their pictures and display them?


Affiliate link is provided to help us continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us and most importantly our tykes.


  1. Thanks for the camera recommendation…we may have to look into one of those for J’s bday next month. I’ll be curious to hear how it holds up!


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  4. […] have to be fancy but I do recommend that it is waterproof and drop proof. Here’s the camera J-Man uses. He’s had this camera since March of 2012 and it’s still going […]

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