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Gear Review & Giveaway! Icebreaker – Merino Wool For Your Tykes


I’m always preaching about NO cotton as a base layer or any other layer when hiking, camping or outdoor activities in the cold, so I wanted to share with you Icebreaker . Icebreaker makes 100% pure merino wool clothing for tykes. A perfect material for outdoor adventures.

J-man has been sporting the Long Sleeve Crewe and the Bodyfit 260 Leggings as a base layer when we head outside to play. We have spent hours outside hiking, riding bikes, playing at the playground and going for walks and not once has J-Man mentioned he is cold while wearing the base layer. It makes life easy for me when I don’t have to worry if he is cold or too warm. At times he has worn the crewe alone and it’s perfect as a single layer when the temps aren’t too cold. The base layer is perfect under pajamas when camping or as jammies at home.

The merino wool has great properties that are perfect for wearing against the skin.

1. It helps regulate body temperature by retaining warmth without overheating.

2. Merino wool wicks moisture away from the body absorbing sweat but still maintaing warmth unlike cotton.

3. It has antibacterial properties. (Your tyke could wear it for a week and it wouldn’t stick. Bonus!)

4. It’s softer than other wools.








Icebreaker has also made the clothing tyke friendly with super soft wool, flat lock seems, easy care (yep! machine washable), great colors AND for fun they have a Trace Your Garment feature. Every piece of Icebreaker comes with a BAA Code.

This is what Icebreaker has to say about it:

“With most of the things you buy, you’re told little or nothing about how they’re made. Icebreaker is different.

We have a deep commitment to animal welfare, the welfare of the people who work with us, and the environment. And we have nothing to hide.

Your unique Baacode will let you see the living conditions of the high country sheep that produced the merino fibre in your Icebreaker garment, meet the farmers who are custodians of this astonishing landscape, and follow every step of the supply chain. We’re sure you’ll find the experience as inspiring as we do. Enjoy your journey back to the source.”

What a great way to teach your tykes about sustainability, ethics and integrity.

J-Man also had the opportunity to try out the Long Sleeve Hoody Skater and the Hike Like Crew socks. I love the Hoody. It’s versatile enough to wear around town as a single layer or use it as a mid layer when playing outside. The hood comes in handy if the wind picks up or the temps drop. It has a great graphic on the front to provide some ‘style’ but it is still a functional piece. The girls version would be the Long Sleeve Hoody Flutter.

Trying to get J-man to wear socks is torture and sometimes not worth the fight but when we are heading outdoors to play and it’s COLD, socks are a must. Like I’ve said with NO cotton layers, NO cotton socks are key to keeping your tykes feet warm, dry and blister free. The Hike Like Crew socks are 100% merino wool and provide all the features of their clothing. These socks have kept J-Man’s feet warm and comfortable while hiking, biking and sledding. They have enough cushion and support without making them so bulky that his shoes don’t fit.

J-man has been wearing Icebreaker since the age of 1 and although the price tag is a bit steep, I will tell you that it is worth it. You are provided with quality and comfort for your tyke. One suggestion if you are hesitant about spending the money is buy a size bigger and your tyke can grow into it. That’s what I do with J-Man and he gets to wear the items for at least 2 years. This way I don’t feel so bad about the price tag. He is 2 1/2 years old and is still wearing one of the first base layers I bought him at age 1. Icebreaker is one of a few companies that provides quality clothing for tykes as young as 1 year old.


Here is a chance to win a base layer for your tyke. Woo hoo!!

Here is how to enter the giveaway:


1. Leave a comment telling us what adventure you would take your tyke on in their Icebreaker.


2. “Like” Icebreaker on Facebook


3. “Like” Adventure Tykes on Facebook


4. Tweet about this giveaway


Leave a comment in the section below for each entry you do. A winner will be chosen by random.org on January 13, 2012 at 10:00pm mst.


Good luck!


The wonderful folks at Icebreaker sponsored this review by providing J-Man with all the clothing items. All the opinions expressed are my own. Affiliate links are provided in the review to help us continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us and most importantly our tykes.  




  1. Skiing, hiking, snowshoeing. Actually, he would wear them EVERY day! Thanks for the chance!

  2. I like Icebreaker on FB!

  3. The first adventure would be skiing, followed by days of snowshoeing, hiking, sledding, skating, kayaking, camping, and general adventuring through life. As we live in Calgary, there are times throughout the year we all need to add a base layer and most days throughout the winter (though the past week would prove to be the exception).

  4. I like Adventure Tykes on FB 🙂

  5. Sondra Menefee says

    My little guy will be weeble wobbling his way around the start of the Iditarod and some Icebreaker layers would help him stay warm in the single digit weather.

  6. I like AT on FB!

  7. I like Icebreaker on FB

  8. We’re looking forward to snow. In fact, ever since the Winter Soltice (when my 5yo saw a snowflake on the calendar) she’s been bugging me about *which day* it’s going to snow. Wish I had an answer kiddo…. As soon as they see white stuff, we’ll be outside!

  9. How perfect for skating and sledding up here in the snow!
    I liked icebreaker on FB too

  10. We would go sledding down Mt. Trashmore until we were caught and told to leave 😉

  11. Ice Breaker and Merino wool is a superior and natural fabric!!!
    I’ll take my tyke up Mount Peale in his Ice Breaker digs!!!
    Then and of course all off-season (or on-depending on perspective) mountain adventures, skiing in the trailer, sledding, snowshoeing, and agree with Amelia that the kid would (lik his daddy) wear his wool everyday!!

    Thanks ATs!!

  12. Yay Icebreaker!! we love you in all kinds of weather!!

  13. We would go sledding!!! These look awesome!

  14. Sledding with my little man!

  15. I tweeted!

  16. We definitely like you on facebook!

  17. We like icebreaker on facebook!

  18. Tweeted!!!

  19. We love to hike all over Niddle Tennessee, and it definitely gets cold enough here for a baselayer. Where we would really need a good baselayer for our little one though, would be in the Smokie and Southern Appalachian mountains. We’re hoping to make it back up to East TN and Western NC before Spring..and maybe even up into WV. We all love the mountains, so any chance we we can get into them we take…even if it’s cold! Great review, btw. We’ll definitely be investing in some Icebreaker gear!

  20. My oldest son is begging to go sledding as soon as we get enough snow. This would be perfect!

  21. Liked Icebreaker on Facebook

  22. I already like Adventure Tykes on Facebook 🙂

  23. I too love Icebreaker – we are waiting for more snow to get out to the mountains to get in some good snowshoeing.

  24. Ok, I’ve done all four things, but I don’t feel like leaving four comments 😛

    Icebreaker is the most comfortable next-to-skin clothing I’ve ever worn. I’m slowly replacing my entire wardrobe via attrition. Each time an old cotton t-shirt wears out, I feel justified buying a new Icebreaker shirt.

    I want my daughter to experience all the best things life has to offer right off the bat, and that includes Icebreaker clothing. We already have a little Icebreaker toque for her to wear home from the hospital. Did I mention that she’s not born yet? She’s due February 4th; I can’t wait to meet her!


  25. Katie Wewer says

    Sierra would wear icebreaker every day. I sure do!!

  26. I’d take my littl’uns out sledding and hiking here in the damp, damp, damp Pacific NW! There’s nothing better than wool next to your skin. I laugh at thee rainclouds! I take my kids to school by cargo bike, so they’re in wool all winter long. Little girl is wearing her big brother’s old Icebreaker set (Rascal hoody and base layer pants), and it’s still in excellent condition.

  27. Cycling! And hiking, skiing, camping…really anything outside. Also their adult stuff is amazing. Really the only tech clothing I have that never stinks. It’s their marketing slogan but they are right.

  28. Love to go on a winter hike with DD!

  29. I liked icebreaker on fb!

  30. I liked adventure tykes on facebook!

  31. Tabea Bruce says

    I would take my little girl snowshoeing in the North Cascades in the Winter, beach backpacking on the Olympic Coast in the Summer, and everywhere else in between!

  32. Tabea Bruce says

    I “Like” Icebreaker on Facebook

  33. Tabea Bruce says

    I “Like” Adventure Tykes on Facebook

  34. Tabea Bruce says
  35. I have never used Icebreaker, but I have a little one on the way, and we would love some good adventures in our home town of Moab when she is old enough to venture out!

  36. Kimberly B. says

    I would take him on an adventure to the mountain.

  37. Kimberly B. says

    I “Like” Icebreaker on Facebook.

  38. Kimberly B. says

    I “Like” Adventure Tykes on Facebook

  39. Kimberly B. says
  40. I want to take my kids skiing, ice skating and hiking this winter. It would be great if they had some Icebreaker gear. It’s the best! (But expensive…so winning it would be great!!!)

  41. Katie Wewer says

    I liked icebreakers on facebook.

  42. Katie Wewer says

    I liked adventure tykes on facebook. I’m excited to visit Moab soon!

  43. I’d take my tyke on an overnight hike in Glacier National Park.

  44. I like Icebreaker on facebook.

  45. skiing, winter hiking, sledding, and skating. Today it was -20c with wins chill. Could have used a good base layer.

  46. Already follow you on fb and tweeting right now.

  47. Just retwittered this as I hadn’t commented on it before https://twitter.com/#!/SuziSmartPhoto

  48. I’ve been following your facebook and love all the information and inspiration.

  49. Icebreaker for kids… I wish I’d known at the beginning of the year. Icebreaker is on us and I’d like it on our little tyke

  50. Love taking the kids to the snow!


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