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Review: Eco Vessel Insulated Bottle & Gobble and Go Snack Cup


I had the opportunity to use a water bottle and snack cup from Eco Vessel for the past couple months and in return I am doing a review on both of these items.

First of all who doesn’t have a bazillion water bottles? Some have different purposes, others you just love and a few you just keep around as standby’s. We are in the same boat. I actually just went through and eliminated about 7. I’m always looking for a new and improved bottle that keeps J-Man’s water cold for long periods of time, is easy for him to use and is spill proof.

Does this bottle meet those requirements? Let’s see…

Kids Insulated Steel Bottle with Straw Top 

The bottle is the 13oz Kids Insulated Steel Bottle with Straw Top in Blue Glow. I loved that the bottle is insulated with two walls of steel which helps keeps water cold for a VERY long time. I put just ice in it one evening and the next morning…12hrs later…there was still a lot of ice left. I was pretty impressed with that. Even sitting in the car during our scorching temperatures for an hour the water was still cool enough to drink.

There is a flip straw that makes drinking easy. It took J-Man a few tries to figure out the easiest way for him to flip it up but now he does it with ease. The straw is made of TPR material (thermoplastic  rubber) making it more comfortable to use instead of hard plastic but not too soft that J-Man can chew right through it. The straw is not removable making it safer for tykes.

Unfortunately, the bottle is not spill proof. It wouldn’t be so bad if J-Man didn’t toss his water bottles on the floor of the car when he’s done taking a drink or laying them on the floor at home, but that is to be expected from a toddler…I guess. Older kids wouldn’t have a problem with this bottle. Just might not be toddler friendly. (they do offer kid bottles that are less spill proof)

The size of the bottle is perfect and it is ergonomically shaped so that it is easy to hold with little hands. I was really hoping this bottle would fit in J-Mans cup holders on his car seat but no such luck. I haven’t found a bottle, yet, that will. (which MIGHT eliminate him tossing the bottle on the floor.)

The handle on the top has a convenient carrying loop that can be attached to a clip to hang it from anywhere.

The bottle is BPA free and made with high grade steel so no horrible chemicals leaching into your drink and it is 100% recyclable. Love that!

All in all it’s a great bottle and it has become one of our go to bottles when playing outside.



Gobble and Go Stainless Steel Snack Cup

This is a handy 16oz snack cup for anytime you want to keep your tykes snacks contained in a cup, which is quite possibly all the time. It has a unique soft silicone top with slits in it that allow your tykes hand to reach in and pull out just what’s in their hand. It’s perfect for traveling and reducing a mess.

There are easy to hold handles on each side of the cup and J-Man’s little hands have no problem holding it.

It is 100% stainless steel, BPA and phalate free, which is great!

The silicone top is easy to remove turning it into a bowl for ice cream, pudding or other treats and both the silicone top and cup are easy to clean.

We love the Gobble and Go not only for it’s name but for the ease of use and practicality.


These are two great products that we have enjoyed using and I love that they are chemical free and easy on the environment not to mention they are reasonably prices.

Eco Vessel  has other kid friendly items, as well as, adult items.

Eco Vessel is offering a 15% discount on all Gobble and Go Snack Cups and Insulated Kid’s Straw Bottles. The code is valid from October 4th – October 14th.

Use code: AdventureTykes (code is case sensitive)


Thank you Eco Vessel for providing the water bottle and Gobble and Go Snack Cup.



  1. I need to try that snack cup. I bought my 1 year old a plastic snack cup, which allowed her to put her hand in the cup without spilling the snack everywhere. In less than 5 minutes, she had the flaps held back and was shaking cheerios all over the living room. She thought it was GREAT toy. I will give the Gobble and Go (cute name) a try. Thanks for the info!

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