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They are AWESOME!

Like most women, I love to shop. My weaknesses are shoes, handbags and hats, but I have a weakness for outdoor gear, as well, and especially when it comes to outfitting J-Man. I never pass up anything that is going to make life easier or more fun for him or myself on our outdoor adventures.  How can I? Everything is so cute when it’s shrunken down to fit a toddler or details are added, such as characters or animals. Yeah, I’m a sucker. And when the price is right, I definitely can’t pass it up.

J-Man’s new hiking shoes arrived the other day and they are AWESOME!

Why are they awesome?

Here’s why?

1.  The price I paid for them.  When I say I am a bargain shopper, I mean I am a bargain shopper. I very rarely buy anything that is full price and that includes groceries.  They were already discounted from $69.99 to $46.95 when I put them in my shopping cart online.  I wanted to measure J-Man’s foot before I made the purchase and he was already in bed so I waited until the next morning to hit ‘buy’.

The next morning I measured his foot, got online and when I went to purchase them the price had decreased by $12.00. Holy cow, making them $35.33!  A 12 buck decrease over night. It was my lucky day.  12 bucks isn’t huge but it’s 12 bucks. Definitely, made the purchase more justifiable and much easier to hit the ‘buy’ button.

2.  They are true hiking shoes.  J-Man is in need of some new shoes because he is growing like a weed and we have our first trip of the year coming up in 2 weeks, Death Valley. Woot! I wanted to get him something for the trip, as we will be doing a lot of hiking, and that he could wear all summer long. We are outdoors all summer and I know he will get good use out of these. They have a rigid tough sole so they will be great on uneven rocky surfaces. They seem to provide great ankle and foot support and they don’t tie. He has no concept of tying so these will be simple.

3.  They are Gore-tex! Meaning, they are waterproof and breathable. How great is that? He can splash around in puddles, mud, or a creek (if the water isn’t too high) and his feet will stay drive and yet, they won’t get sweaty and have a higher chance of blisters.  I have seen very few toddler shoes that are made with Gore-tex.

This is by no means a review, as he hasn’t worn them hiking, yet. I am just stoked that I found something in HIS SIZE that is EXACTLY what he needs…an adult shoe shrunken down to a toddler size. So awesome!

Yes, I tend to get excited about gear.  That’s the not so girly side of me.

The boots can be found here: Timberland Hypertrail Mid Waterproof Boots


This review was NOT sponsored by Timberland. 




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  1. Hey! You forgot to tell us WHERE you bought them! Kayleb most definitely needs a pair.

  2. yes, WHERE did you get them? and really, mo, YOU like shopping? hahaahahah! still LOVING my 66 north. the whole family loves it. if i don’t wear it, all three say ‘where’s your green jacket?’ smiles!

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