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My Adventurous Ways Have Changed


Before I had J-Man I use to be somewhat of a risk taker. I would challenge myself above and beyond the skills I had for mountain biking, rocking climbing, canyoneering and motorcycle riding.  I don’t think there was ever a mountain bike ride that I did not go over the handle bars on. Yeah, I crashed a lot, but it was fun and my skills kept improving. I skidded out on my motorcycle coming around a bend in the road and almost slid off a cliff. Not a very smart move by any means. Bedge was more freaked out by that than I was. I brushed myself off and got back on the bike.

City of Rocks, Idaho

Now that I’m a mom those risk taking endeavors have come to a complete halt. I think about caring for J-Man with a broken arm or heaven forbid something worse happening to me.  With those thoughts I now keep my feet pretty much planted firmly on the ground or firmly on the bike pedals.  My rock climbing and canyoneering have petered out but this summer I plan on getting back into it. Not as extreme but still challenging.  I sold my motorcycle right after my J-Man was born. I miss riding but I could never ride without crashing so, probably a smart move. I will eventually get another one.

Moab, UT

There’s a picture I came across the other day. It was taken about 6yrs ago. I remember family and friends freaking out when they saw it and I thought it was no big deal.  Now I think -NO WAY would I attempt that. I look back at all the possibilities of mishaps and can’t believe I made the jump.  Here’s the pic:

Delicate Arch - Moab, UT


How have your adventurous ways changed since having your tyke?


  1. I am the exact same way! Pre-kids, I went rock-climbing, rappelling, whitewater rafting, ocean kayaking, polar bearing, etc.

    Now? I’m not quite as daring.

    Most of my friends have had the same experience. I think there must be a mothering instinct inside of us that whispers, “Take care of yourself so you can take care of your child(ren).”

    P.S. I wasn’t QUITE as adventurous as you. 😉

    • I think there is a mothering instinct, too. I still crave the adventure but I have to tone it down.

      Thanks for sharing!


  1. […] Recently there has been a lot of discussion going around the blogosphere about adventuring and taking risks as a parent. Quite a few parents have been sharing stories about what risk takers they were pre-child and how their risk taking has toned way down or become null since they’ve become parents. I wrote about this a couple years ago when I talked about how my adventurous ways have changed. […]

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