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Big Sky Bistro French Press Review

If you are anything like me, you have to have your morning joe to kick start your day.  I wish I didn’t need a kick start but due to a persistent lack of sleep it is a must.  The thought of going camping for 2 weeks and leaving my precious espresso maker behind pretty much put me in a panic.  That is until Planetary Design came to the rescue with their Big Sky Bistro French Press.

I had never used a french press before and to be honest I haven’t been drinking coffee very long and only on a daily basis for the past 15 months –  pretty much since my son was born. Ha! So using a french press was completely foreign to me. I have one of the espresso makers that is automatic – add beans, water, hit a button and BAM I have espresso.  I definitely had to make sure I brought along the directions for this french press.

I took the Big Sky Bistro camping with me for the two week trip to Glacier National Park and the first morning I whipped out the directions, my ground coffee, sugar packets, creamer and the Big Sky Bistro.  The instructions said to add coffee, sugar, creamer, water and then the top with the plunger.  I added the coffee, sugar, water and top but left out my all important creamer.  Having a blonde moment it didn’t make sense to me to add the creamer along with the other ingredients.  I always add it last at home and it just seemed weird. Yes, a total blonde moment.  After letting it steep for the recommended 5 minutes I went to take the lid off to add the creamer and realized that you can’t do that.  If you remove the lid the plunger comes with it and then your coffee grounds are just floating around.  BIG MISTAKE!  I barely lifted the lid and snuck the creamer in. Took a sip of my “camp coffee” (as I like to call it) and to my surprise it was yummy.  I guessed on the appropriate amount of coffee to give it the strength that I like – no weak coffee for this girl – and I was right.  The next morning I added all the ingredients as instructed and once again, delicious “camp coffee”.

I LOVE my Big Sky Bistro and it’s ability to give me the kick start I need to begin my day.  It is so easy and quick to use. You can have a hot steamy cup of joe in less than 10 minutes and cleaning it is a breeze.

The only draw back that I found to this particular style of french press is that the cup is big so it does not fit into a cup holder. After making my coffee I wanted to take it with me on our drives around the park and I had to hold onto it the entire time. However, I did  figure out on day 5 that I could pour the coffee into my travel coffee mug and then I was good to go.  For the quality of coffee, the price and convenience you can not go wrong with the Big Sky Bistro.


  1. Debbie McClaughry says

    I bought my Big Sky Coffee Press at a resale shop. It was brand new, never used, and included the directions.
    I tried it for the first time this morning. I love it!!!!

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