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Making the Best of It

We just got back from our first family adventure of the summer and what a bummer it turned out to be.  We traveled to Grand Teton, NP where it proceeded to rain every day of our trip except the last day.  Not only did we have tons of rain but all three of us came down with head colds.  So, with the rain, head colds, intermittent hail, evening temps in the 30’s and lightening strikes we decided to forgo the tent and stay in a hotel.  We don’t mind cool temperatures in the evenings but when you have a little tyke with a cold it’s not the best for them to sleep in the cool weather.  This definitely was not our ideal vacation but with no control over the weather and our heads pounding and absurd coughs we had to make the best of it.  Being so far from home we didn’t really want to just turn around and go back and plus, this vacation had been planned for months.  So how did we make the best of it?


We slept in every day, which we rarely do.  You always want to lounge and relax when you’re sick so we took advantage of the foul weather and did just that.  With the weather being so poor it wasn’t drawing us outside.

Great Gray Owl

We took drives through the park looking for wildlife and in doing so we were rewarded with the sights of a beaver, badger, great gray owl, moose, coyote, many prairie dogs, birds, bison, antelope and a grizzly cub looking for it’s mama. For us it never gets old seeing these animals in their true habitat.

Nature trail around Jenny Lake

When the rain became a drizzle or intermittent we meandered around the town of Jackson, Wy and allowed J-Man to walk around, stretch his legs and practice waving and showing his belly to the other tourists.  Keeping him confined in the hotel room was not an option.

On the last day of our trip the clouds broke and the sun came out.  We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and did two hikes.  Our colds were subsiding except for hubby’s, which turned into bronchitis but that didn’t stop him from hitting the trail.  We hiked up to Taggert Lake and then did a second hike after lunch to Leigh Lake and Spring Lake.  That day is what our entire vacation was suppose to be like, but what can ya do?  Just enjoy what you can and that is what we did.

The Adventure Baby on a short hike between showers

Taggert Lake – Hiking with Dad


  1. Kudos to you for taking care of yourselves & doing your best to enjoy the cards you’d been dealt. Things don’t always go as planned, but that’s life! 🙂

    • You are right, things definitely don’t always go as planned but you have to make the best of it. We had a double whammy with colds and bad weather but we still had fun. Thanks for the comment.


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