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Healthy Handles Review

Are you one of the many moms or dads that have lost their independence of jogging alone?  Now, you tote one maybe two tykes along with you?  I became one of those parents a year ago and oh, how different it is to run with a jogging stroller.  It is great to see how much fun my little guy is having being pushed along the road or dirt trail but it is much more work for me.  I like to think of it as a good upper body workout but that thought is short lived once I reach the middle of a hill.

Recently I was introduced to an accessory for jogging strollers that claim to “improve posture and increase comfort”.  I figured, what the heck, I will give it a try.  After running on the road, dirt trails, over boulders, up hills and down hills they live up to their claim and their name – Healthy Handles.  Not only does my posture improve and comfort increase there is one thing they fail to mention – Maneuverability.  Just yesterday I took my son on a rolling dirt road with numerous boulders and  I was able to jog and navigate the stroller without skipping a beat.  When jogging on the road and I need to make a turn the Healthy Handles allows me to make a smooth turn even with a fixed front wheel.  I don’t get the tight shoulders or back ache that I use to get and if you are like me and are constantly switching hands when you get tired the Healthy Handles gives you more hand and arm positions to help you along and push through the fatigue.

They are light weight, fit most strollers and are super easy to install.  An allen wrench, which is provided, is the only necessary tool needed to attach the Healthy Handles.  They adjust for storage without having to remove them completely. AND something I really like…they are Made In The USA.

I’m sure you are wondering what the cons are and really, I haven’t found any.  Healthy Handles is a simple accessory that adds a lot of benefits to your jogging stroller.

This is a product that I recommend for everyone whether you are jogging or just strolling along.

You can check out www.healthyhandles.com or click here for more info or to purchase a pair.

Reviewed by: Melissa Edge


  1. Natalie Risner says

    That is a great product review, and a great product for sure. Those things are starting to take off in my area of California.

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