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Tuesdays Tip of the Day: 15 Outdoor Winter Activities for Tykes

    Got cabin fever? Tired of winter? Tired of the cold? Tired of seeing the snow? Do your tykes feel the same way? I hear ya! This time of year I am craving the warmer weather and the lively green plants. J-man is looking forward to warmer weather, too. Until Spring arrives here are […]

Outdoor Retailer Here We Come!

    We are heading to the Outdoor Retailer show today and I’m excited to be a judge for Mountain Mama: Expecting Adventure and their Outdoor Family Awards. We will be on the look out for outdoor family gear that is innovative, functional, versatile and well…super cool. If you are on twitter you can follow […]

Adventure Family Spotlight: Bring The Kids

  I am spotlighting one adventurous family every month. I have sent the family a questionnaire that they have answered, sharing with us their adventure stories, their lessons learned and their tips and experiences on how they adventure as a family. I am hoping this will inspire, motivate and encourage all of us to get […]

Tuesdays Tip of the Day: Hiking Essentials for Tykes

  There are A LOT of products out there geared towards hiking for adults and tykes. The selection of backpacks, hydration products, hiking boots and everything in between is insurmountable. I don’t even want to begin to list them. There are items that are pretty necessary for hiking and then there are the items we […]

Healthy Snacks at Your Doorstep – NatureBox GIVEAWAY!

  I know that I am not the only one with a hectic schedule. It seems that’s just the way life is these days for most of us. If you’re not running from work to get home to make dinner and spend time with the family, you’re running around with your tykes getting errands done, […]

Tuesdays Tip of the Day: Monitoring Your Tykes Hydration

  A few weeks ago I participated in the Hydration Summit and I want to share with you this post I wrote, just in case you missed it. I feel that with these intense hot summer months monitoring our tykes hydration is critical. We all know that hydration is key to our survival and during […]

Adventure Tyke Photo of the Week: Refueling

  Two Adventure Tykes refueling

Guest Post: Stuff Memories Are Made Of

  I have a wonderful guest post today by Amelia. She and her family are adventurers believing in the power of great gear, the necessity of outdoor fun, hot chocolate, and the truth that you are never too young to get out there! 🙂 Amelia blogs about those adventures (plus fun recipes and gear reviews) at Tales […]

How Do We Do It?

I get asked often how we camp with J-Man. What gear do we bring along? Is it hard? Where do we go? Does J-Man like it? Here are the answers to all those questions: What gear do we bring along? I think gear is key to making your trip comfortable and a success. When J-Man […]

Potty On The Go!

I just discovered that there’s a whole market out there of disposable potty chairs. Who knew??? There’s even inflatable potty chairs. It didn’t even cross my mind to look for such a product when potty training J-Man. Since we are a hiking and camping family the first thing I thought was…if there isn’t a potty […]

Staying Cool

  It’s mid-July. We know what the means…the hottest part of summer is arriving. You can fry an egg on the sidewalk. At least here in Moab you can. It’s…HOT! I asked the other day on Twitter and Facebook how you guys keep your tykes cool in these hot summer temps and these are some […]

Friday Fun Day – Chalk It Up!

Who knew sidewalk chalk could be so fun?   Today’s Friday Fun Day is all about creativity. All you need is some sidewalk chalk and a sidewalk, drive way or concrete slab. Anywhere that’s not prohibited from being colored on. Using the sidewalk chalk let your imagination run wild. What can you create or what […]

Tuesdays Tip of the Day: Summer clothing

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day Photo Courtesy of Jay Ryser Summer will soon be here. It’s important to dress your tykes appropriately to protect them from the sun and to keep them comfortable during their adventures. Do you hike in the desert or mountains? Your hiking location will determine what type of clothing to dress your […]


What is Adventure? According to Webster’s Dictionary Adventure is an exciting or very unusual experience or participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.   We each define adventure in our own unique way.  Taking your tyke on an adventure can consist of so many things.  It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip traveling […]

Where Little Feet Find Big Adventures

Why Adventure Tykes?  With all the online stores for infants and toddlers why would we decide to start yet another online store?  What makes Adventure Tykes different from all the others? Those are good questions, and here are the answers. Before our son was born we were very active in the outdoors.  We hiked, camped, […]