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2015 Outdoor Gear Gift Guide For Kids


2015 kids gift guide


Looking for last minute gifts for your Adventure Tyke? Here are some tried and true ideas. Some items appear on my gift list every year because I love them so much, however, there are some great new items that I love, as well.



deuter junior backpack



Deuter – Every outdoor child needs their own backpack. It’s so much fun for them to carry their own belongings and it instills responsibility. Deuter has numerous kids backpacks for hiking and backpacking. J-Man uses the Climber or Fox 30 for backpacking, and the Junior for hiking. The Kikki is great for younger kids.



Terramar Sports camo




Terramar Sports – these are great layering pieces for hiking, skiing, sledding or playing outside in cold temperatures. They aren’t bulky, however, they provide great warmth. They have a camo design this year, which J is so happy about.








Pakems – Love, love, love these camp shoes. We discovered them this year and use them all the time. They are light enough you can take them backpacking without adding much weight or bulk. J-Man backpacked 5 miles in the Extreme Green Camo when his hiking boots ended up causing him pain. They have a hard sole and are water resistant.



Yaylabs Ice Cream Ball



Yaylabs Ice Cream Ball – This is so fun in the summer! The kids can play ball while making ice cream at the same time.Take it camping, on a picnic or use it in the backyard. Let them create their own recipes and enjoy dishing it out to their friends. There is a soft sided ball which makes a pint or the hard sided, which you have the option of a pint or a quart.




Stio Skycrest kids jacket




Stio – A new find this year. J-Man has been wearing the Skycrest jacket and it’s provided excellent warmth in the 20 degrees we’ve had here in Moab. It’s a great jacket for everyday wear and for winter activities. It’s stylish, warm, functional and comfortable.




pentax camera



Camera – This will ALWAYS be on my gift list. J-Man has been using a camera since he was two. It’s so much fun to see what he captures. At the end of the year I put his photos into a photo book for him and we all enjoy looking back on the adventures we have taken and what he has captured throughout the year. This is the camera J-Man has been using for 3 years, the Pentax Optio WG-1 Adventure Series.



Veyo Mittyz Gloves

Veyo Mittyz Mittens – These are a new discovery this year and they are great! They stay on, which is a huge factor, they are waterproof keeping hands warm and dry, and they provide great protection by fitting over coat sleeves preventing snow from getting inside. There is no separate thumb hole so they slide effortlessly on. Veyo has offered my readers 25% off of their order until 12/31/2015. Use code – adventuretykes



WOOM 4 bikeWoom Bicycle – If you’ve been following me on instagram you will see how much J-man LOVES his Woom bike. He’s been riding the Woom 4 for the past year and it has been amazing. We made a couple modifications so he can ride singletrack (trail tires and pedals) and the bike has been allowing him to rip up the trails. It is one of the lightest bikes for kids on the market, which makes a huge difference when it comes to riding ability and skill. Woom offers balance bikes and numerous other bikes suitable for any rider. Check them out!! We are now eyeing the Supra 4, which is even lighter. 🙂 The price is comparable to other bikes on the market and the quality and weight of the Woom 4 is worth it. They have a 90 days money back guarantee. Take advantage of it!

selk bag captain america




Selk’bag – Another new find this year. Such a fun sleeping bag for kids and adults. You’ll never have to worry about your child coming out of their sleeping bag in the middle of the night. They can also wear it around camp to stay warm. They have great colors and Marvel characters.



ducksday snowsuit



DucKsday – They have been on my gift list for the past couple of years and rightfully so. The snowsuits provide excellent warmth, keeps your child dry and are comfortable in any activity. They offer one piece snowsuits and three piece snowsuits. J-Man has worn both and they are each wonderful.





secret lives of animals books




The Secrets Lives of Animals – Such a great book! We’ve been reading about one new animal every night and I’ve been learning new stuff, too. We both love this book!




kids pearl izumi shorts



Pearl Izumi Padded bike shorts – If you have a child who loves to ride his bike for extended periods of time these are great shorts. They have a little chamois padding in them that keeps your child comfortable while sitting for so long, and they also provide comfort from bumpy roads and trails.






Stocking ideas



leatherman leap for kids


Leatherman Leap – A Leatherman for KIDS! Such a fun beginner tool. The knife is removable, so if you aren’t comfortable yet with your child using a knife they can still use all the other tools. Such a great option. J-Man is excited to have a tool like his dad.





clifkid fruit




ClifKid – These are always great snacks to take on any adventure. No mess and easy to carry. Clif has ZBars, ZProtien Bars, ZFruit and ZFruit & Veggie for kids.




healing honey stick




Healing Honey Stick – Perfect healing stick that  your child can use on their own. They can’t over apply. So when they have a scrape, a sting, bite or any owie they can apply on their own. We use the Healing Honey Stick all the time. It’s great for adults, too.




pocket doodles





Pocket Doodles – This is an awesome activity for kids when you are road tripping, at a restaurant or hanging at camp. J-Man received one last year in his stocking and will be getting a different one this year.





kids black diamond headlamp


Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp – This is a great piece of gear I think every child should own. Kids love gear that their parents use and this is a piece that they can own themselves. They can wear it on night hikes, around camp, or exploring at night in the backyard or around the neighborhood.








Whistle – It’s a good idea to teach your tyke to use a whistle, why you would use it and when. Attach it to their backpack, zipper pull on their jacket or on a string around their neck (depending on their age, of course). Whistles are inexpensive and can be found pretty much anywhere.




julbo kids sunglasses



Julbo Sunglasses – Sunglasses are important year round, especially during water or winter activities when the suns rays reflect off the water and snow. Create a habit of eye protection by having them wear sunglasses now. Julbo has been our sunglasses of choice for the past 4 years.




ambler hats




Ambler Beanie – I love these hats for both J-man and myself. They have great styles and keep our heads super warm. They also have fun trucker hats.







Have you purchased any of these items for this years gifts? What would you put on the list?











Affiliate links are provided in this list to help continue to bring out the adventurers in all of us, especially, our tykes.






  1. Great picks!! We have a lot of these and love them them!! The Deuter pack is a must-have!!

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