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Fall Picnics and Camping with a Link Up


This time of year is too beautiful to stay hunkered down inside and not get out to take advantage of the cooler weather and the changing colors of the trees. (Hunkering down is saved for Winter. Well , at least for the frigged Winter days. Yeah, I’m a wuss.) And with endless possibilities of Fall activities to do you can fill your days with lots of fun.

If I had to pick two favorite activities that I enjoy during the Fall months I would choose picnics and camping.

Picnics can happen pretty much anytime and anywhere. If it’s a lovely Fall morning head outside and have breakfast in your backyard or at a park. No need to stick with your normal routine and eat at the table. Have a Saturday afternoon available with the whole family? Head to a local lake, pond or nature preserve for a lunch picnic. Only have evenings available with the family? That’s a perfect time to have a picnic dinner. My absolute favorite! Pack up dinner and hit a nature trail, the local park or any where else that’s fitting for a picnic dinner. No need to associate picnics with holidays, birthdays or celebrations. Have a picnic anytime and anywhere.


Dinner picnic!

Picnic in the Autumn


Camping takes us into the mountains to witness the changing colors of the Aspens. There is brilliant gold, yellow and red contrasting with the dark green pines and evergreens. It is a spectacular sight to see. The cool evenings and mornings are great excuses for campfires, s’mores and hot cocoa. I also love desert camping this time of year. No need to worry about the burning heat midday or the campfire being just too hot at night. It truly is the perfect time of year to do some desert camping.


Fall camping in the mountains.

Campsite in Zion


Fall camping in the desert.

Valley of Fire campsite

My friends from the outdoor blogging world have shared their favorite Fall activities below. Check them out!



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