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I Would Be Lost Without Checklists


I am STILL¬† suffering from mommy brain or momnesia. You know…or maybe you don’t. It’s the lack of retaining any information in your memory bank. I have the hardest time remembering little things let alone important ones. I resort to writing things down, having checklists or plugging important reminders and dates into my calendar.

Will I ever recover from momnesia? I hope so.

Until then, when it comes to camping, backpacking or road tripping I resort to checklists. I have to. The times I’ve packed via my ‘memory bank’, well…lets just say items got left behind. Important items like diapers. Good thing we were staying in the city that time. Imagine camping and leaving the diapers at home. It’s pretty hard to MacGyver a diaper. At least I think it would be.

Anyways, I thought I would share my checklists with you in case you don’t have any and need them, like myself, or you just want to see what gadgets, gear and goodies we take along.

These checklists are broken down for Bedge and I and then I make a separate column for J-Man, since he does require additional and different items.

Hiking Checklist

Camping Checklist

Backpacking Checklist

First Aid Checklist



Am I missing any checklists or any items? Do you use checklists? Do you have multiple ones for your adventures? 



Frazzled mom pic courtesy of Karey White



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  1. I’m so glad you included trekking poles! They are my favorite, but most forgotten piece of gear. My kiddo seems to enjoy leaning over to one side in his carrier, making stream/river/boulder field/marshy swamp crossings kind of exciting without those poles.

  2. Great lists! I love my lists and despite their use something always gets missed – adventures :D

    I have a master list for our camping adventures and then I usually customize it depending on the adventure – location (mountains, lake (kayaking), badlands, etc.), length, type (backcountry/car camping/group), time of year.

    On our list – can’t think of much you didn’t cover.
    We (adults) each have a good folding pocket knife – perfect for everything from rope to meat (washed lol)
    Thermometer to our toiletry bag because I find that gauging his temperature difficult if we’re cold/windburnt/wet.
    And lastly our most recent addition – portable toddler potty as we’re training :D

    • Don’t just love having to carry a portable potty along? ;) I bought one of the seat rings and we totted it everywhere when J-Man was potty training. I also forget things even when I have lists. haha

  3. I have an excel spreadsheet I use for camping trips, with different tabs for different types of trips :)

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