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If You Have A Camera You Need The Twig Pod


We take a lot of pictures when we are adventuring. I mean A LOT! We travel with no less than 5 cameras. That’s a lot of cameras I know, but when Bedge is a professional photographer, J-Man has to be like daddy and I need to document life not only for this website but for our records, we need cameras. By the way…I’m counting our iphone cameras, too, since they take some pretty darn good pictures and I use mine quite a bit. So, with so many cameras comes A LOT of pictures.

One thing that is hard for us is to get a family picture. I don’t know how many times I have had to prop my camera up on a rock, stump or other random object to try and get a decent family pictures. It makes it tough. The camera isn’t stable, it’s leaning to one side or it’s not the right height off the ground.

Ever run into this problem?

Here’s the solution! A fabulous solution at that. Alite Designs has created the Twig Pod. A lightweight, collapsible monopod that will help you get wonderful family pictures. You can also use it for self portraits, time lapse photography or long exposures.

Alite Designs Logo

Alite Designs Twig Pod

This monopod has been great. I’ve used the Gorillapod in the past and it worked ok but the Twig Pod is awesome.

It’s easy to assemble, easy to attach to your camera and it’s quite tall. The height of the Twig Pod allows your camera to be up high enough for a good picture. The swivel ball head allows you to shoot at any angle and the bungee cord system makes assembling it and taking it apart simple and quick.

Here’s how you use it:

Attach your camera securely to the Twig Pod, stick it in the ground (sand, grass,mud, snow…no problem!), set the self timer on your camera, push the shutter button and run at lightning speed to get into position. That’s how it’s done. Super simple making family or self portraits a cinch.


Alite Deigns Twig Pod


The Twig Pod comes with it’s own stuff sack and it is so light that you can take it hiking or backpacking. You won’t even know you’re carrying it.

I think the Twig Pod is a great addition for anyone who carries a camera and the reasonable price is well worth it.

Apparently they have an attachment for your iphone, too, called the Glif. I haven’t tried it out but I’d sure like to.

Here are a few family photos with the help of the Twig Pod:


The slickrock made it a bit of a challenge trying to find a place to stick the Twig Pod.

House on Fire ruin


Superstition Mountains, AZ


Moab, Utah


So what do you think, would this make taking family pictures and self portraits easier for you? How do you do it now?





  1. Oh, I’m in love! This might just have to be my new obsession!

  2. No more carefully balancing the camera on rock shale and then saying a silent prayer that the rock Gods won’t decide to take it for their own? Sold!

  3. totally interested, but we have a lot of areas around hear with next to no soil so I think it would be hard to get it to stab into the ground securely in the summer, winter, no problem, plenty of snow.


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