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Valentine’s Day Cards Inspired by Nature



Valentines Day is just around the corner and just like with Christmas and birthdays, it’s always special to get something handmade. So here is an oldie but goodie post from last year that is great for tykes.



Nature Inspired Valentines Day Cards Supplies

Construction paper
(red, pink, white or whatever color you choose)




Items from nature – sticks, rocks, leaves, grass, dried flowers, etc.

Embellishments: stickers, ribbon, candy hearts




Fold a piece of construction paper in half and place it either vertical or horizontal depending on how you want your card to open. You can also cut the card in half to make 2 smaller cards.

Use your items from nature to decorate your card. Make hearts, spell out valentine or frame a picture on the front using rocks, sticks or leaves. Be creative!


Valentines Day Cards Inspired by Nature


Valentines Day Cards Inspired by Nature



What homemade items do you make for Valentine’s Day?





  1. Aw. What a cute idea 🙂 Sadly we don’t do much for Vday around here. I usually just give the kids something simple. And then after they are asleep, I make (homemade) a cocktail for myself to celebrate being alone, lol.

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